In Pokémon GO , it seems that a trainer’s challenge suddenly collapsed. Twitter user Ali reports. He had caught more than 10,000 Pikachu, but it seemed that the challenge ended after something.

Arch is a trainer who loves Pikachu. In addition to enjoying Pokémon GO, he continues to challenge only Pikachu in the same work. Pikachu is called Pike, and he has a cute and crazy challenge that captures only Pikachu. This challenge seems to have been continuing for a long time since September 2017, and reported 3,000 captures in May 2020. He caught 6,000 animals in July 2020, and reported the Get 10,000 in December 2021.

After that, the numbers were steadily extending, but this month’s tragedy attacked Ali. This is because the caught Pikachu turned into another Pokémon. In conclusion, the identity of Pikachu caught by Ali was Zora.

In Pokémon GO, Zora and Forward have recently been officially implemented. Zora is Wargitsune Pokémon. First appeared in Pokémon Black White. The biggest feature is the Illusion of Supplements. Zora and Forward of Pokémon Black White have turned into Pokemon at the back of their hand due to this habit. If you receive the opponent’s attack technique, the transformation can be solved. It is a Pokémon that is characterized by being garbled. The nature of this Zora created this tragedy.
[Update 2022/10/31 12:25]

Fixed the explanation of Zora’s Hokusai

Arch captured Pikachu on October 29. However, it seems that the identity was Zora. He quietly reported, saying, I started Pokémon GO on September 17, 2017, with only Pikachu, but unexpectedly ended my trainer life. 。 The lost Zora seems to have risen from 100%to 99.99092%in his own Pokémon.

Zora of Pokémon GO is a specification that turns into a partner Pokémon and appears in the field. For example, if Fushigidane is a partner Pokémon, it will appear as Fushigidane. After catching, the transformation is solved and turns into Zora. In other words, Ali intends to catch Pikachu in the field casually, but has caught Zora.

Arch expressed a shock that his long-standing activities were crushed. The mischief has passed (for him), The most trusted thing for me is the assassin. It conveys the discouragement. Arch’s disappointment was strictly pointed out. During the Halloween period, Pikachu is also a Halloween specification, so love is that much (in terms of catching ordinary Pikachu without doubt) Love the implementation of Zora is officially stated, so there is not enough information gathering. He criticizes his lack of knowledge. He also misunderstood that this phenomenon was defective under the comments of other Twitter users, and spilled dissatisfaction with Ni antic, which seemed to have been questioned about this.

However, Arch reflects on these behaviors. He commented that the capture of Zora would be his negligence who did not collect information, and would change his mind and walk his second trainer. Arch plays various location information games, not limited to Pokémon GO. Some people may not be able to keep up with information gathering such as Zora implementation because they were playing widely. He has been praised by his attitude to recover from disappointment and start a new challenge.

The challenge of love and madness to catch only Pikachu ended with Zora’s implementation. However, Arch’s strength, who tries to recover after receiving such discouragement and criticism, is particularly noteworthy. I want to watch the Pikachu capture challenge by him. Pokémon GO is being distributed for iOS/Android. The Halloween event is currently being held in the same work.