Since its launch last Feuary, the latest from FromSoftware has not left the pedestal. It seems that there is always a new challenge in Elden Ring. And this is the case of this streamer that managed to finish the whole game without receiving any damage.

Some players have performed prowess, such as winning Malaria on a dance rug, dismantling the Sanctuary duo with their own hands or even using a digitizing table. This time the streamer with the name of Ginomachino got an unprecedented feat.

The beginning of your challenge in Elden Ring

On March 7, Ginomachino launched a totally crazy challenge: Win all the heads of the underworld without any hit , that is, without losing a single point of life. Since then, the streamer has trained a lot to fulfill his mission.

On Wednesday (26), ginomachino finally defeated the last boss of his legendary adventure, Rodrick’s Soldier. Proudly, he announced on the networks the conclusion of his hit in the hit all elden ring tycoon at about 9h20 . He aroused the admiration of many players around the world on the networks.

few believed in him… and yet

If there is one thing we admire in Ginomachino, is your determination. When he announced his crazy challenge last March, negative comments accumulated under the streamer post. You won’t make it, he read dozens of times and yet never gave up. The support of his community, as well as no successful professional, encouraged him to give everything to reach this legendary feat.