Overseas media Kodak and others report that Solon Die Blooper ZIGGY’s survival horror The Store is Closed has been warned by Swedish furniture store IKEA .

THE STORE IS CLOSED is an online CO-OP survival horror set in a furniture store where crowdfunding is also held at Kickstarter until November 4th. It is a large furniture store after the monster closes, and aims to survive and escape while collecting materials and building crafts and bases.

ZIGGY has sent a suspension notice from the company’s agent’s lawyer, saying that the furniture store in the game, which is said to be Infinite Furniture Store, has infringed the trademark rights of IKEA, which is said to be Infinite Furniture Store. Jacob Shaw has revealed. The word IKEA is not used for both the Steam store page and the Kickstarter campaign page, but when it is featured as an article by the media (THEATER, GAMES, etc.), IKEA was set or IKEA or IKEA. It seems that the horror game was regarded as a problem.

Mr. Shaw was pointed out specifically was a Scandinavian store name that uses blue and yellow, blue box-shaped building, vertical yellow uniform, gray road on the floor, furniture similar to IKEA furniture, IKEA. It is a product sign that is similar to the signboard, and it was asked to change these within 10 days.

Mr. SHAW disagrees that the furniture in the game uses a general furniture asset, and the gray roads and signs on the floor are also common, but it is expensive to refute. He told Kodak and others that he had to follow it. He says that the last week of Kickstarter, which was intended to prepare for updating for Alpha Tester, will be changed to change the appearance of the game in the game.