Iran ick Glove Ferreira is Loud’s newest ambassador, eSports organization that won a series of titles in different games over 20222, such as League of Legends, Valiant and Free Fire. The influencer is one of the most popular today and has become famous when producing football content on social networks. According to Loud, Ferraro Glove will be inserted in game and eSports projects from this partnership.

Receive, Loud!

According to uno Play hard Bitten court, Loud’s founding partner, the purpose of this union is to unite games and football. We know that football is a very present passion among our fans, so it was a territory we always wanted to explore. No one better than the glove to start, since its story is very similar to ours, making your dreams making who loves, proving day after day. Now we can connect the world of games with football to deliver totally new experiences to our community.

Born in the interior of Bahia, a icklayer’s glove already has more than 20.5 million followers at TikTok and another 19 million on Instagram -the azilian soccer influencer with the largest number of followers of the social network. He earned this nickname because he made his football videos wearing masons gloves to refer to the cold gloves worn by European players.


Known for your slogans Receive! And Thank you, my God, glove is imitated by his fans and has been collecting a series of achievements in his career. I am very happy for everything that has been happening in my life. It is another dream come true, thank God! The influencer said in an official press release.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that icklayer is associated with eSports. In September since year, the influencer made a small participation in the grand final of the 2nd Split of CBOL 2022.