After escaping from the count’s people in Plague Tale: Requiem you are attacked by a falconer. If the falcon touches you, you will die. There are no second chances. So how to get past the falcon in chapter 8 Plague Tale: Requiem?

how to avoid a falcon in A Plague Tale Requiem

To avoid a falcon, you must use all your skills, equipment and alchemy to pass by this deadly bird of bird. Firstly, you should always remain covered and bending, unless you become food for falcons. You must be careful using the sling in this section. If you do this, you will jump out of the shelter, and the falcon will fly. Lying for too long and you are dead. You can quit anything in this section and remain hidden behind the shelter.

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Go to the left by throwing a stone into a chest with armor to the right of you to distract attention. The falcon cannot change right in flight, so, as soon as you see that the falcon flies to the armor, move to the fence in front of you. Go to the fence in front of you again, repeating the same step.

Before you is a roasting that you can set on fire by throwing an igniter into it. From this moment, you must throw tar into the fire, wait for the dive of the falcon and continue to move, leaving to hide behind the fences. Always wait until the falcon returns to the soldier before throwing another tar. Rinse and repeat until you are safe on stone steps and enter the door.

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