PlayStation 5 (PS5), which provides new generation game experiences, was released on November 12, 2020. This PS5 is still difficult to obtain as of 2022, and there is more demand for supply.

Here, we will check the latest information on the sales status of PS5 and the lottery sales, and focus on recruitment for a certain extent that can be applied on the web or on the official app. Please check here for information such as receptionists that you have not yet applied.

◆ Status on October 14 ─ Geo is notified of new lottery sales

Each store is selling lottery sales for irregular periods, and the Used Market is currently accepting the reception. You can apply until 23:00 on October 16, so you can apply on the next weekend. In addition, a new lottery sales that Geo starts on October 17 is notified. Check in advance and prepare for the day.

In addition, Amazon is implementing an invitation request (a disc drive/digital edition) for the PS5 body of the new model CFI-1200. If you apply in advance, you will be contacted when you win.

In Sony Store Osaka, a lottery ticket to announce the winning results on the day is October 29, 2022-November 13, 2022. The lottery ticket will be distributed daily during the period, and the winning number will be announced on Sony Store Osaka Twitter.

◆ About lottery sales of Geo

Geo will be announced that new lottery sales will start on October 17. We will accept this application with the official application Geo App.

The reception period of this lottery sales is until 17:59 on October 20. For members who have a Point card with a rental function, it is also essential to cooperate between the geography app and the Point member ID. When you win, you will be required to present your identity verification documents and the Point card or geography app (app membership card) mentioned above.

This time, there is one precaution, from 10:00 on October 14 to 17:59 on October 20, Geo ID and Point member ID linkage function (Geo online Geo app) Point Card New Issuance Function (Point Card) (Point Card) Geo online) service has been suspended. If you want to create a new Point card, or want to link the GEO ID and Point members’ ID, you need to bring your identity verification documents and go to the geography store and complete the procedure.

◆ About lottery sales of Used book market

The used book market has been notified that the PS5 itself will be sold on the Web for the sale of the PS5 itself from October 2022 to November 2022, and will be sold only at stores to the winners. The application is accepted until 23:00 on October 16th.

This application requires a registered member number of the Zurich Point App. If you are not a member yet, complete the enrollment procedure before applying. When you win, you must come to the store within 3 days, including the day of the winning notice, and purchase it. Also, please note that you will not be able to purchase unless you match all the information at the time of applying.