FIFA 23, the last one with the name of the top football entity, received innovating in its most striking feature: The abuse of speed . The rhythm (PACE) has always been so important that unknown and/or low overall letters were common (especially in the Ultimate Team) just because they had high speed. This is over now thanks to Accelerate !

Who saw Michael Antonio be more useful than Harry Kane ; Who has always laughed nervously as I take a special letter from Toni Kroos with over 90 Overall not being useful because the rhythm was not even close to 70; Who suffered against an attack trio formed by Columbia , Serving and Barb knows what we are talking about.

How does the FIFA 23 Accelerate system work?

If you have Mini Jr, you may be frustrated because what should be your rocket is achieved by some of the slowest defenders of the long distance game. Of course, he is still able to swing the hips of his opponents with dribbles and rhythm changes. However, you did not go crazy: Your explosive power has lost its effect on FIFA 23 due to the new acceleration mechanics.

For those who were not aware of game updates before release, The Accelerate system divides players into three categories based on their approach to races:

Explosive (explosive) *: Strong in the first meters, but weak in long distances. At his first stage, he will operate above his statistical values, but then he will lose some energy until it falls slightly below the numeric value of the letter;
Controlled (Controlled) : They function as in the versions prior to FIFA 23, with the pace always adjusted to statistical values. They take time depending on their acceleration statistics to reach their top speed, which depends on their speed statistics and do not descend from there;
Long (Lengthy) : They are the opposite of explosive players. At the beginning of the race, they run even less than the few mark in the letter, but as they move meters, they gain a lot of speed.

Which acceleration category of each player in FIFA 23?

An Accelerate system problem is that it is not easy to know what category each player belongs to , as it is not clearly indicated in the Ultimate Team cards or athletes’ profiles.

Therefore, it is difficult to make decisions when forming your teams. However, criteria were established to determine what type of acceleration each soccer player has. It’s just boring to have to do it one by one.

The most commonly used page by the Fut bin , as usual, collects all card statistics available in the game. It was no different with Accelerate’s mechanics. Seeing a letter from the Ultimate Team on the site, you can see the type of race each player has and know if it changes according to the rapport used.

* NOTE : Players who do not fit long or explosive will have the type of race controlled as standard.

The best acceleration category: long!

At this first moment, there is almost unanimity that the long race style is the best. With it, several letters with good attributes (except speed) have become very useful and are no longer renegade: crews , Casimir , Kane , Ruben days , Fabinho , etc.

Those who have controlled style can change to the long style thanks to the rapport cards. In this case, Cristiano Ronaldo , Benzema , Lewandowski , Gretzky , for example, owe nothing to letters over 90 rhythm.

This is because FIFA is a racing game in long spaces, thus ensuring that those who have long accelerated can reach those who have explosive acceleration. Especially in cases of counterattack, as in cases of defense posted behind, the sliding button is much less used.

waiting for updates

One thing to keep an eye on the development of this new tool. FIFA is known that radically change speed as updates are released and special cards appear to the squeegee .

As Accelerate is new, it is possible that EA has problems balancing throughout the life of the game. For now, balancing seems well done, but in the future Lengthy can become to appeal. And then the community will complain and the Pace Abuse can come back with the explosive style becoming more op.