Cap com distributed the updated data Ver12.0.1 to Monster Hunter Rise: Sun brake on October 14. It seems that the Nintendo Switch version of the save data size increase and continuous input of gesture pose sets have been modified and adjusted.

In the second free title update distributed the other day, new monsters such as Spines subspecies and rare species of Takamatsu have been added. Contents such as layering of weapons were also implemented, and various updates for weapons and defects were also implemented.

There, the first stage of the Nintendo Switch version of the save data increase was implemented. When the size of the save data is large, an error may occur when an error may occur when saving or the transition to the road screen has been corrected. On October 5, the update announced that the continuous input of the gesture pose set was restricted. The specifications of the gesture/pose set input were changed by once every second.

Subsequently, in the updated data Ver12.0.1, which was distributed, the second stage was implemented in the issue of increasing the save data in the Nintendo Switch version. When puppet-ized armor was set for the guild card Puppet-style equipment, the bug that increased the size of the save data was revised. Regarding the issue of save data in the Nintendo Switch version, the response announced at this time has been completed.


The continuous input of the gesture pose set can be input up to four times per second as a result of verification. It is said that the safety of the communication lobby is also ensured. Regarding the gesture pose set, continuous input was imposed on the communication lobby, and there was a risk of forced termination. Although it is no longer possible to hit as much as before, this update will be able to make a mysterious movement without worrying about it.

[Update 2022/10/14 11:07]
Fixed description of continuous input of gesture pose set

In addition, it is said that the function of countermeasures for fraudulent modified data has been expanded. A filtering function that automatically determines illegal quests is added. In addition to being unable to receive orders for unauthorized quests from the quest counter, even if there is an unauthorized quest on the quest board, other players will not be able to order the quest. In addition, if you use a request for participation to participate in an unauthorized quest, a message that recommends withdrawing from an unauthorized quest will be displayed on the chat.

In addition, various bugs have been corrected. It seems that the bug that the behavior of the puppet overcoming the Oonazuchi was different between the puppet study level of less than 100 and more than 100 players was revised. For more information about updated data Ver12.0.1, please check this patch notebook.

Monster Hunter Rise: Unlike is being distributed for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam).