Dice Lee Publisher has released the opening movie of the PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Steam girls’ sword fighting action Samurai Maiden-Samurai Maiden-.

This work is a completely new girl swordsmanship, where the high school girl Tumor Tsunami, who is a high school girl who is summoned to Honor Temple in the Warring States period, runs through the Honor Underground World where hell deceased, along with her escort female ninja. An action game.

Samurai JK, Tumor Tsunami’s swordsmanship, and the sword ninja-integrated action Kooky System, which is wiped out with ninjutsu of beautiful girl ninja, Mouth-possessing techniques to increase the ability by stacking lips between maiden. It features a battle full of exhilaration and preciousness. The Samurai JK’s adventure tan begins to cut the Devil of the Warring States Range and bond with the Warrior’s Tome maiden.

The opening movie released this time uses the theme song Divine Tuning sung by Tumor Tsunami (CV. Along with the introduction of the characters, it is a content that allows you to confirm a part of the charm of this work.

In addition, the first purchase privilege of this work comes with a download code that allows you to obtain the MP3 music file of the OP theme song Divine Tuning and the ED theme song Knob Nikki Chorus Very. If you want to enjoy a full version of the theme song on a PC or smartphone, you should buy a package version early.

Samurai Maiden-Samurai Maiden- will be released on December 1, 2022 (* Steam version is December 8). The price of the regular version is 7,920 yen (tax included).