Combat games have always been associated with the competitive aspect of the genre and, thus, contain a list of skills and knowledge that you need to master. This does not include your character and his set of skills, as well as terms and positioning. This can make you ask you a question, which means neutrality in fighting.

What does the neutrality in the fighting winging mean?

Neutral determines when you and your enemy are in a neutral position, i.e. Not a single an advantage over another. Usually this means that there is enough space between you and your opponent so that any player can be put into a disadvantage. The beginning of the match is a neutral position. You can also drop into a neutral position when one player in an unprofitable position makes the player retreat in a favorable position.

This acquires a different meaning in platform militants, such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Multiverses. Neutral refers to the distance between opponents and whether both players are in the center of the stage. It would be a disadvantageous position to be near the edge of the scene or behind the scenes, and the reset of this position will make you return to your original position. Central scene .


You want to be in a profitable or neutral position, and not in a disadvantage. This will either allow you to go on the offensive, or interrupt the combo and pressure of your enemy. When you find yourself in a disadvantage, you will want to interrupt the enemy and drop neutrality to conduct your own attack.

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