Pearl Abyss (CEO Her Jin-young) has made an update of convenience improvement today (5th), including the easing of the black desert skill points and the improvement of the area structure of Elvia.

This update is an improvement released on September 24 at the Handel Banquet. Users can enhance most skills with less skill points, and can acquire and use various skills faster. It reflects improvements in a week after the end of the banquet, and new updates such as ‘Abyss One: Magnus’ and ‘Youngkin’ will be introduced.

It also applied the improvement of ‘Elvia’s Room’ server structure. Users who want to enter the Elvin Server can enter the area of Elvia through the newly added UI (user interface) during gameplay. The update is expected to resolve the lack of Elvin Hunting Land.

The black desert cooperative dungeon ‘Anorak Zion’ has been reduced and rewarded. It deleted ‘Tribe’s Tears’, which was needed to enter the Anorak Zion, and reduced the number of items needed to make key production. The reorganization was reorganized to increase the compensation that can be obtained in the event of successful ‘Anorak Zion’ head.

It also has a balance patch of each black desert class. Most of the classes, such as ‘Ranger’, ‘Sorcerer’ and ‘Giant’, have been reorganized, and some skills have been reorganized. The balance patch will continue to be reorganized.

In addition, the user’s convenience has been improved by adding alchemy stone, polishing, growth, and the addition of animation cut scenes when training.

In addition to the update of convenience improvement, the event will be held. In response to the improvement of Elba’s realm, a special challenge event that can receive ‘Elvia-only weapons’ will be held until October 19. Since the Handel Banquet, special access rewards, challenges, and hot time events are also in progress.

For more information on the ‘Black Desert’ update and events, please visit the Black Desert official website.