Blizzard Entertainment announced that the ninth expansion pack of its MMORPG World of Warcraft will be released worldwide at 8 am on November 29 at Korea.

In the Yong gun Corps, the player finds a dragon island and explores four new regions that tell a variety of stories on the topic of ancient dragon. The World of Warcraft Development Team has produced affection in all these regions so that both veteran players and new players can enjoy. As the dragon island wakes up, the forgotten secrets are revealed one after a long time, and the players enjoy the land of the dragon’s islands as they travel around the land of the dragon.


Players wake up from a long sleep here and encounter Drastic, who participates in the struggle. Drastic, which can travel and disturbs human shapes and vomiting, boasts excellent maneuverability.

You can learn the dragon training, a completely new technology, and get on the dragon’s island and fly high in the sky to enjoy flight. There are millions of decorating combinations, too, and creates their own companions to travel to the dragon island, so you can learn how to run farther, longer and faster.

In addition, the new characteristic system allows you to play creatively at all levels to play in a way you want a job, and you can use an updated professional technical system that pioneers your own specialty to express your own personality. In addition, head-up displays and user interface systems are updated, allowing you to change the experience of the game in a variety of ways in the history of World of Warcraft.

On November 29, the Yong guns will show eight dungeons, four of which can be attacked with their friends as they move toward level 70, the new level upper limit, and the other four dungeons can enter the top content and challenge. Hussein’s vault, the first raid of the expansion pack, will be released on December 15.

The Yong gun Corps can be purchased digital pre-purchase with hero package (84,900 won) and China package (10,900 won). Each digital package contains one or more items that will help to cooperate with the Yong gun Corps who regains the lost area. World of Warcraft: For more information about the Yong gun Corps, please visit the official website.