The search for Gen shin’s golden dream version 3.1 presents several stories with complex puzzles and hidden areas. So, to help with this mission, we will show you How to complete the Lost in the Sands narrative, which is the first part of this World Quest. In addition, we will provide details on how to access certain locations and what you can do to eliminate new enemies from the game.

Lost in the Sands Search in Genshin Impact

When exploring the desert region of Genshin Impact, you can start an adventure with some characters in the Golden Slumber mission. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you throughout your trip in the history of Lost in the Sands:

* Talk to Boniface in AAU Village.

* Follow the footprints.

* Go to the bottom of the well.

If you cannot locate the rest of the traces that take it to the hole, you can find the reference point on the map here:

* Talk to the three people with blue route points.

* Talk to the fourth person.

After talking with the three people, you can find the fourth person (Jet) in the distance to move more in the search for Lost in the Sands of Genshin Impact.

* Know the other characters with Jet.

* Go to the designated area with thread and explore the ruins.

During this time, you can unlock the teleport Waypoint in this location.

* Clean the sand stack with an Animus user and activates the door mechanism.

The sand battery will have a remarkable shine at the top.

* Defeat the primary constructions.

Primal Construe are one of Genshin Impact’s new enemies that have the power to become invisible. To eliminate it, players can use an electrocatalyst to hit their nuclei and avoid their attacks that will appear as a target on the floor.

* Activate the door mechanism.

* Avoid attacks of defense mechanisms.

There will be several structures that will broadcast harmful attacks along the Lost in the Sands mission, so try to go behind them to stay away from their radio.

* Activate the elevator in the upper left corner of the next room.

* Use an electron user against the tri-band seed.

A flying creature will prohibit you from using a Pro catalyst against one of the torches (it will be blue) in this location. Therefore, players must attack Tri-band Seed with an electron user to get rid of the barrier.

* Use a pro catalyst to illuminate torches.

* Activate the next door mechanism.

You can also follow see lie in most areas to guide it to the right places.

* Use the elevator and investigate the ‘strange machine’.

* Talk to Israel, Thread and Jet.


Thread will give you ‘special liquidation’ to access locations blocked inside Genshin Impact.

* Use the elevators to find an exit.

While you explore the ruins in the search for Lost in the Sands, you will find riddles that involve the forged original lights, which you must collect to unlock the doors. All that players should do is place these blue elements in nearby mechanisms and turn them until they see a blue line.

* Follow see lie to get out of ruins.

That is enough for our guide on How to complete the Lost in the Sands mission in Genshin Impact . If you want to get more content about the game, you can explore the relevant links below and see our guides about the search for dreams, empty, deception and how to get the Deep wood Memories artifact set.

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