We were all there. You broadcast on Twitch and have a great time when suddenly your stream is falling. In its place there is a message that reads the internal error of the server 500 . Below we will tell you what this message means, and also what can be done to solve the problem so that you can return to stream gear.

What is Twitch 500 error

Error 500, like any error code starting with the five, indicates that something is wrong with the server. This means that the error has nothing to do with you and is connected with something on the Twitch side.


In particular, error 500 is a common server error code. Usually this happens when the server cannot say for sure what went wrong, but something definitely gives a misfire somewhere on the line, which is why the server cannot complete the task.

How to fix error 500 on Twitch

Unfortunately, since this is a server problem, you can’t do anything for your part to solve the problem. Some streamers said that they solved the problem with an error, switched from a wireless connection to the wire connection using the Ethernet cable. This is rather an accident than anything else, since this does not eliminate the server error.

The best that you can do when it comes to eliminating this state of error is to try updating or exit and restart Twitch. If this does not work, leave for a short while and return to your broadcast later on the same day.

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