What were going to be two months away from the company, an action that many labeled in the camouflaged vacation networks until the waters returned to their channel, become permanent farewell. Ocelot h resigned from his position CEO of mutual agreement with G2 Esports, in what seems like an exit forced by the damage that the brand w receiving after what happened a few days ago.


Today we receive and accept Carlos’s announcement to resign CEO of G2 eSports. a global eSports organization that attends the most diverse fans be in the world, we sume the responsibility of our employees, team members and partners.

Dangerous friendships

Let us remember, the scandal jumped on September 17 after a publication in the networks of the Ocelot itself. In a celebration video of only 8 seconds you could see our protagonist sharing moment and laughs with Andrew Tate , a controversial character vetoed in several social networks by the wild misogyny of him and that nobody seems to want in the ranks of the.

Not so ocelot, that seeing the first indignation reactions only bonded them with responses of haughty and challenging t1. We k ourselves if the end of the story had been the same having led the first moments of the controversy. Seeing how everything h evolved, it is clear that when the foreseeable and apologies arrived it w too late.

At the professional level G2 were separated from the competitions at the same time the ms rejection. G2 Esports, which in principle had thought to remove two months of work and salary to its CEO, soon realized that it w not going to be enough. In his statement on the final and permanent resignation of Ocelot, they are clear again:

We want to underline that we do not support any form of misogyny. We continue to prioritize the promotion of the inclusion and support of a community of diverse players.

The importance of Ocelot in the progression of eSports is undeniable. His lack of filter is also very well-known when expressing and face according to what situations. You know, great power entails a great responsibility. In this ce and by pure inaction of it, the consequences have psed the greatest imaginable invoice.