Smile gate announced on Wednesday that it will carry out ‘2022 Winter: //’.


2022 Winter Dev Camp is a growth support program for those who want to grow as a developer. It was first introduced in 2019 and will be held for the second time this year.

In particular, this year, it is noteworthy that the size and object of Winter Dev Camp have been expanded for the 20th anniversary. It was expanded from the existing offline method to the first online hosting this year, expanding the target to a non-capital base area. The employment/external activity program in the metropolitan area is expanded to the region so that more future developers can participate.

The recruitment of 2022 Wintered Camp will be performed sequentially by region, including Gyeongbuk (9.21 ~ 10.05), Gangnam (9.27 ~ 10.11), Ella/EU (9.30 ~ 10.14), and Gang won/Chungcheong (10.05 ~ 10.19). Anyone who lives in the recruitment area can apply. The activity period is about three months from the end of November to the end of February 2023. The recruitment size is 120.

If you are selected for the 2022 Wintered Camp, you can get overall mentoring, such as the development code feedback of the business developers. You can also participate in a large-scale development project and gain practical experience. A predetermined activity expenses will also be paid.

An official from Smile gate Talent Huge Team said, The 2022 Winter Dev Camp will be a good opportunity to develop a sense of work and develop development capabilities. Various programs of the camp will be the basis for growth, he said. I would like to ask for the interest and participation of future developers who are interested in the game/entertainment/IT industry.