Pokémon anime followers must be very happy, since recently the protagonist who has been in all seasons , Ash Ketchup , has managed to have a new brand in his coach career. And it is that in the most recent episode it is established that he won neither more nor less than Cynthia , the most powerful strategist of the league Singh .

The series is at a fairly important moment, since coaches from different regions are fighting to know the best worldwide. For now, the objective of Ash is to overcome Lionel , who is placed as the Gala champion. In fact, since his appearance in the cartoon he has been shown as the next opponent.


After going through many difficulties, the town coach Pal eta managed to fight the champion, because it was perceived that once again the 10-year-old would lose in another important championship. However, Lucio demonstrated all the hidden power with the mega evolution, having a film end against Gar chomp in which he was standing with everything and great wounds.

With this victory, the protagonist’s dream is about to be fulfilled, since he now goes directly to the final against Lionel , and if he gets this great milestone, we could say that somehow Ash finished the cycle of his. Of course, it is not going to be ruled out for the Violet and Scarlet season, in which the main character was affirmed for weeks will continue to be this boy.