In the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which was held for the first time in a long time, many works from big titles to unique work this year. The enthusiasm for delivering the new work and the expectations toward it intersect, and the dreamy space spreads to every corner of the venue.

At the Playism booth in one corner, there are many expected works to be released in the future. Among them, there are some works that have become a hot topic, such as the remake version of the Nintendo Switch of IB, which was extremely popular during the free game era, and Manjusha of Solo Gets, which will be released for consoles. (Both works will be released this winter).

Even in these works, the Nintendo Switch software rose and camellia , which will be released soon, has released an excessive presence of about 20 minutes instead of necessary and sufficient. Other works are classic genres such as search-type actions, ADV’s, and shooting, but this work is Vehicle Battle Action . It is a unique work that is a winter, and a humble word O.

■ What is a shocking bin tic battle?

Even in very part of a few comics and anime, it is a strong word called slap that is annoying whether you actually have the opportunity to hear it. This work has a reason, of course, and is set in Chinese people in the Ties era.

The main character, Reiko, is a woman with a commoner, but she married the eldest son of Tsunami KOI family, Unsure, and she became a member of her venerable family. However, the people of her Tsunami KOI family did not care about her, and suddenly changed her attitude due to her death. Reiko, who had been protected by Unsure before, swears to live strongly, supporting her one rose.

The result is the bit battle that Reiko applies to her family. … Well, why! ?

Of course, there are a variety of ways to live in a strong life, and there is no right to say that a third party speaks, but Reiko’s solution is too straight or is too powerful. .

However, that is why I am attracted to Reiko’s battle, and she wants to see her ending. In addition, the place where she settled her settlement in the form of bin ta also makes me feel pride as a Chinese. By the way, there is no problem in the world view because there is a setting called venous duel transmitted to the Chinese people.

■ JOY-CON was for Tire! ?

In fact, there is already an iOS/Android version in the form of Rose and Tsunami ahead of the switch version. The binding method of this work is reproduced by swiping operation (official commentary), and a battle that strikes the Chinese people with fingertips has been developed.

When I played this smartphone version, I felt that I had experienced the first time after the experience of going out of the bin ta in swipe, as well as the intense setting, and I remember that my body had shaken. And, combined with the thorough description of the world view, I was drunk with the pleasure of defeating the Chinese tribe with a single swipe.

However, I want to tell myself at this time. You still don’t know the real bin ta **.

From the experience and experience of playing the smartphone version, the author, who was also interested in this switch version, challenged the Rose and Tsunami trial at the Playism booth. This time, when I came to the seat while thinking that my fingertips would growl, I was given the switch Joycon (the name in the catalog I got at the booth). In the switch version, not only swiping operations, but also O-slap operation that makes use of the function of JOY-CON.

If you think about it, Orbit shakes the whole arm and hits the opponent with the whole body. Swipe is easy to operate, but the operation of swinging out joycon closer to the actual slap may be the essence of Tire .

The bin ta, which actually swings Joy-Con, is engaged with the visuals that distort the face of Chinese people who are beautiful (excluding some), and the response is unique. The real world slap will hurt someone, but if it is rose and camellia, nobody’s mind and body will hurt.

Rather, the opponents in the work are the people of the Chinese tribe who unjustly degraded Reiko. If you repeat the emotions to Reiko, who confronts one of the bin ta, all of her hesitation disappears on her arms swinging her Joy-Con, and she can enjoy her binding battle comfortably.

According to the officials in the booth, this work is still under development, so this trial experience determines only the acceleration of Joy-Con. In addition, I do not know how far to adjust it at the moment, but the judgment and adjustment of Tire seems to be more rugged, and in the product version, the Orbit road seems to be even deeper.