The curse, which fell on the valley of the light of dreams, somehow influenced every1. Some suffered directly, while others are indirectly. Among those who were indirectly injured, there is Chris toff from Frozen, and this leadership will tell you all about Christophe in Disney Dream light Valley and how you can fulfill all its quests.

Christoph was not completely affected by the curse, which teleported everyone from the valley, but he does not completely remember what happened.

how to unlock Christopher

You will find Christopher in the forest of valor, but before you can get to Christoph, you will need to clear the path leading to the forest, covered with strong night spikes.

You can clean the spikes by collecting 5000 Dream lights, and then using them to clear the way into the forest of valor. From there, go to the very depths of the forest, and you will find Christopher near the pillar next to the portal.

Christoph is actually not connected, but he is kind. He waits for Donald Duck to return from the portal, into which he entered to pick up the sphere of light.

In order for Christoph to return to the village, you will need to perform lost in a dark grove quest and return Donald Duck from the portal, and as soon as he returns, Christoph will return to wandering around the village.

Disney Dreamlifter Valley Christoph the quest

As soon as Chris toff returns to the village, you can perform quests for him. Below are Chris toff quests.

  • Lost in a dark grove
  • Leaving the forest behind
  • Broken sledges

Lost in a dark grove

In the first quest, you will help Donald Baku return to the valley through the portal. To do this, first clear the path into the forest of valor, and then find Christopher.

As soon as you talk with Chris toff, he will explain the whole situation to you. Then you will enter the portal, where you will find a pen on the ground.

Return this pen and take it to Merlin, and he will ask you to bring the following items to create a tracking spell that will help find Donald.

  • 1x Donald Pro
  • 2x emeralds
  • 1x plant from Dark Groove
  • 4x dreams of dreams

As soon as you collect all the items, take them to Merlin, and he will give you an enchanted feather that you can use to find Donald inside the portal. As soon as you find Donald, he will give you the sphere of courage.

Take the sphere back through the portal and place it in a pillar that will cause Donald Duck back into the valley, completing the quest.

leaving the forest behind

For the second quest of Christopher, he will ask you to make carrot soap for him. To make soap, you first need to collect burned logs from the forest of valor.

After that, take them to the culinary station, where you will turn them into ashes.

Take the ashes to the workshop and make an alkali out of it. Take Cristofuffu, and he will send you to Maui to ask for a little butter.

When you find and talk with Maui, he will tell you that you need the following materials to create oil.

  • 20X carrots
  • 12x coconut

When you have these items, take them to the workshop and make the oil out of them, and then take the oil to Christopher, where he will give you the Switch that you gave him earlier to take it and make soap.

Take everything back to your workshop and create carrot soap. Give it to Christopher to complete the quest.

broken sleds

For the third and last quest for Christoph, you will need to free the Castoff sled from ice in icy height. Follow Chris toff to the place and use the pick to free the sleigh.

As soon as you free San, you will need to show them to Christopher, and he will tell you to go to his house and find a book on how to fix broken sledges.

You will find a book in the side room, and she will tell you to collect the following items.

  • 50x fiber
  • 30x deciduous rocks
  • 10 iron ingots
  • 9x spare parts for the workshop

When you have all the materials, go to the workshop and make a sled for Chris toff. As soon as you give the new sled Christopher, he will ask you to bring him the following materials.

* 1x fiber
* 1x brick
* 1x glass
* 1x iron ingot

As soon as you finally give all the objects to Christopher, your quest will end.