If you’re a gamer who likes Nuclei & Slash, you’ve probably heard this game at least once. The main character is Diablo’s Bear Brother Torchlight series, which was made by Blizzard developers. Should he be from Blizzard? The Torchlight series has heard of Diablo’s sub-crafts, but it has always been well received.

Torchlight, an action RPG based on single play, is highly completely completely completely, even though there is no multiplayer element, and has been well-received and added multiplayer elements with the success of the previous work. In spite of the existence of the existence, he has achieved his own grades. But the glory of the Torchlight series was here. Despite his previous success, Runic Games closed down, and eventually he moved to Extra Games, independent of Max Shape, co-founder of Runic Games. However, Torchlight 3, developed by Extra Games, was evaluated as opposed to its predecessors. The to was that there was no big difference from the previous work.

As soon as the torchlight series is in danger of breaking, there is a place that signaled the resurrection again. It is China’s XD. Three times the developer was the latest work of the Torchlight series, and I came with Torchlight: Infinite. Currently, Torch Wright: Infinite is conducting CBT from September 5 to 19. Indeed, we tested to see if we could inherit the torchlight series.

In this experience, we will not cover the story. Instead, let’s discuss what characteristics they have as a nucleus and slash and how the completion of the CBT was. Of course, it is possible to discuss the perfection in CBT, so please look at the current completion of the game, not the optimization or this part, and the user experience (UX).

First, if you say the first impression, you should talk about the visuals of graphics. I experienced this CBT on a PC, but the PC shows its own graphics. Compliance here means that it shows a unified quality regardless of any platform as a mobile and PC cross-platform game. In fact, ‘Torchlight: Infinite’ is a mobile game, but even if it is a PC, it does not feel that the level is falling.

The previously released Blizzard ‘Diablo Immortal’ is similar to the similar visual texture to other Diablo series. In the series, this visual texture is more important than expected. For example, when the torchlight series suddenly turns into a live-action graphic, most of them will worry more than expected. It’s not a feature of torchlights. In that sense, ‘Torch Wright: Infinite’ gives the first impression that you have inherited the series in many ways.

What about full-fledged gameplay? In terms of Nuclei and Slash, we can give you a passing score. It is not important for the hack & slash, which uses various skills and ruins and sweeps enemies at once.

Of course, if you are faithful, it will not be easy to win in the match with other competitors. This is especially true for Hack & Slash, which is characterized by exciting taste. The unique hand taste is so natural that this is not a feature in itself. It’s not important before, so it’s a must-see element, but keeping it doesn’t mean that it’s going to go further. In fact, it’s a condition that can stand on the starting line.

In that sense, ‘Torch Wright: Infinite’ has brought a variety of meta changes with a spleen weapon. Perhaps some people have such a question at this point. Where is the game that doesn’t pursue the change of meta in Hack & Slash, or in live games? It’s not wrong, but it’s also true that the game is clearly different. Just as ‘Diablo 3’ and ‘Pass of Exile’ are not the same.

In addition to the basic item build ‘Torch Wright: Infinite’, we have a combination of talent and various simple skills that can be a kind of stat system. It’s not much different from other games about items build and meta. Instead, let’s focus more about talent and skill combinations.

Talent is a kind of stats, as mentioned earlier. However, it is a little different from the normal stats. Basically, stats such as strength, agility, intelligence, etc. are raised, and physical damage, magic damage, physical strength, defense, and recovery are rising according to the stats, while the talent of Torch Wright: Infinite is more intuitive.

Depending on your talent, you can see how attack power, attack speed, critical striking probability, physical strength, movement speed, and character’s properties are strengthened at a glance. It means that you can respond more flexibly to changes in builds as you can create a specialized character at any time and your own play style. It is not only talent that corresponds to stats. There is a contract with a similar factor. It is easy to understand as an assistant of talent, such as increasing element resistance.

If the talent is the foundation of the character, the skill is a full-fledged element. The skill of ‘Torch Wright: Infinite’ is divided into three types of active, assistant, and passive skills. The key is the secondary skill. Like a typical game, active and passive skills themselves are not much different. The difference is the auxiliary skill. Passive and active skills have three auxiliary skill slots each, which allows you to strengthen or change your skills to your taste.

For example, the Split Fireball, the basic skill of the ice-salt sake Gemma, strengthens the flame damage or attack speed of the spitfire ball itself with the auxiliary skill, but only one step is to fly, but it can strengthen the attack power and increase the amount of projectiles to the auxiliary skills. It can also be equipped with scarring so that multiple feet fly at once.

Normally, there are cases where the system that changes the characteristics of the skill is not possible during the battle, but ‘Torch Wright: Infinite’ is different. It’s almost impossible to change one by one in the midst of crazy battle, but if not, you can change what you want at any time without going to the village. If you have a lot of miscellaneous mobs, you can put a favorable auxiliary skill to kill many enemies, such as scaling.

This is also here that the subtitle Infinite means. It means that the build is actually close to infinite through various combinations of talent and skill. In the Nuclei & Slash, the meta, which is important next to the hand, is infinite, and the depth of fun is no less than that.

However, ‘Torchlight: Infinite’ is not perfect yet. It doesn’t mean it’s natural because it’s CBT. As mentioned at the outset, in terms of UX, is it still this level? It showed a lack of enough. Representatively, localization is mentioned. In addition to the Korean language, the translation was not seen, but sometimes I could see it with a mix of honor and half.

There was also a part related to the UI. If you level up and open a new system, you can give a simple guide, but the problem is that you can see the wrong parts of the wrong part, or almost always. It was just a part that could be passed, but it seemed too much.

I can’t miss the disappointment of the cut scene. First, there was no voice in Torch Wright: Infinite. To be precise, when playing games, the voice of the character was output, but it was just that. In the cut scene, there was no voice at all, and there was no sound or even BGM, so only the video was output.

Even if you consider CBT, I thought that it was not Korean dubbing and no sound at all. It was unfortunate that the words of fellow NPCs were output only in the center of the screen. It’s a trivial part, but these factors gathered together to increase the immersion of the game.

After all, the conclusion of the CBT is that ‘Torchlight: Infinite’ is only half finished. As a nucleus and slash, various systems are faithful, but the overall completion is insufficient in terms of UX. Nevertheless, in many ways, it was a CBT that could be seen in many ways, in many ways, in that it was noticeable in that it was possible to confirm the possibilities and when compared to other nucleus and slashes.

All that’s left is perfection. As mentioned earlier, the awkward part is trimmed and the shortcomings are left. We look forward to seeing what Torch Wright: Infinite will return to the end of October.