On September 5, Developer Kinetic Games updated his future development roadmap for the horror game phasmophobia on Steam on Steam. The prospects from this year to next year, such as the renewal of various gameplay elements, have been revealed.

Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game for up to four-player co-op play. The players become the super-normal phenomenon survey team and infiltrate the ghost (ghost). Use the gadget to gather evidence and find out the identity of the ghost. They aim for a more smooth ghost hunting by deepening the experience of the players, getting funds and enhancing their equipment.

This time, a new development roadmap of this work has been released by the developer. First of all, the contents of the roadmap in 2022, which had been released earlier, could not be easily developed as planned. Therefore, it seems that it has a more room for a realistic new roadmap.

In the roadmap, the development plan from this month to next year was revealed. The update scheduled to be distributed this month seems to have the difficulty customization function of the match. In addition, other factors that cannot be revealed will be implemented. It seems to be unveiled at the public trailer soon. In addition, new map SUNNY MEADOWS and reporting systems are scheduled to be released later this month.


From October to December this year, a series of updates called URP Upgrade will be implemented. This seems to include the renewal of the weather system, new writing, and the optimization of games.

Next year 2023, the Progress update will be gradually implemented. The update is an extremely large-scale content that overhaules a wide variety of elements, such as game systems and NBA 2K23 3d models/animations. In addition, it seems that content such as new gadgets will be added.

In the same year, after the PROGRESSION update was completed, an update called Horror 2.0 is coming. Renewed all ghost models and added a large amount of effects, events and sounds. It will be a content that will further accelerate fear. It seems that Rework in Phasmophobia is completed. And it is said that this work will continue to be updated. The fans seem to expect this work in the long run.

Phasmophobia is currently being distributed early for PC (Steam).