Craftton added the British car brand McLaren collaboration content to PUBG: Battleground (Battleground) on the 2nd.

First of all, ‘McLaren Loot’ allows you to acquire Onyx Black ‘McLaren GT Standard’ car skin, costumes, equipment, and emotion. Subsequently, the same model silica white color and McLaren GT elite vehicle skinship bolkano yellow color can be made in the work. McLaren Loot and Works Pass: McLaren tokens that can be obtained through McLaren should be used. have.

Subsequently, McLaren-only customized items that can be decorated to tastes will be introduced. You can make a vehicle exterior color, brake caliper, and wheels through the production center, and you can decorate your own McLaren with the item you made. Decorated vehicles can be displayed in the custom lobby.

In addition, users with McLaren Skin can apply McLaren Skin to the coupe RB vehicle placed on all maps. If you press the Secondary Interaction key in front of the vehicle, the skin is applied. However, skin does not affect vehicle performance, and the basic specifications are maintained.


For more information, visit the Battleground official cafe.