NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin, NC) unveiled the ‘TL Story Map’, which contains the worldview of the new PC and console ‘TL (Throne and Liberty)’.

The user can see the ‘TL Story Map’ at NC’s official brand media NC Play. ‘TL Story Map’ is made of interactive content that users can explore and consume their own content.

As you explore every corner of the map, you can find a variety of information and stories related to TL, such as hidden settings, developers’ interviews, concept arts, trailer images, and play nobble. The English version is also available for global users.

In ‘TL PLAY MAP’, you can also see episodes of the Interactive novel ‘Play Novel’. ‘Play NOVEL’ is a content that can experience the worldview of TL in advance. It deals with the stories of two girls, Loen and Kalancia in TL’s worldview. The visuals and interactive elements are added to make it immersed in the story.


For more information, please visit the official brand media.