exciting yourself for a work of our favorite director, study or producer is ** Something that we all love. of War, or even a new image about the power rings, the new series inspired by the world of the lord of the rings that so much Hype has.

Well, this time I am going to talk about one of the works that has brought me the most emotion to me hours, especially for its new and spectacular trailer that has left me with my mouth open: Cyberpunk Edgerunners . The anime inspired by the last title of CD Projekt Red and animated by Studio Trigger has given me an adrenaline and desire to arrive as soon as possible on September 13, the day in which the 10 chapters of this work in Netflix premieres.

But not only I am excited; You, reader, who are reading this and that you probably want to see the work even if you don’t know much of anime (or yes), You should be excited so it will reach our screens. Because will not just an anime than complement to Cyberpunk, no; This is going to be a true bomb and probably of the best we go to see this year.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners wants to make history

The main reason why I am excited is basically for whom it is behind the entire project: Trigger . This Japanese study is not one like Mappa or A-1, which has an innumerable amount of anime to do each season and year and some frog; This study is focused on very specific and especially original works , since almost none of those that has produced or done are based on a work that had already been done before.

It is a company that knows very well how to fall in love with the viewer with a very firm layout and a spectacularity that remains as a ring to the finger to a work set in the dystopian future. Kill La Kill, two stories that have nothing to do with Cyberpunk Edgerunners but are set in a place full of hostility. And they not only have the help of CD Projakt, but also have behind Netflix to help them all possible in the economical and thus exploit their potential.

Because yes, they have already demonstrated the follies they can do if there is a money machine behind it: Disney . The Japanese study collaborated with the American giant to create an incredible chapter in Star Wars Visions , a compilation of episodes animated by different anime studies inspired by the world created by George Lucas. That is why in addition to having a very good budget, they have already practiced when their style in other franchises or worlds already created. **

uncensored in any field

Something that has caused this increase in hype has also been the elimination of any censorship in the work. Because the CD Projekt game already broke with this through different explicit scenes, what we have seen from Edgerunners seems to go a step further in all areas. From scenes uploaded to gigantic massacres with a blood party; Everything is put to give much more emphasis to the hostility of Night City and everything that surrounds the protagonist.

Another strong point will be, and I am sure, its soundtrack that will be carried out by the legendary Akira Yamaoka , main composer of the entire Silent Hill saga . If we put a cane opening created by the very Franz Ferdinand , everything is ready for Trigger to fly our heads once again with an anime of 10 chapters full of action, blood, viscera and chulería. Night City will be more alive than ever and I think it will be the great climax for many studies to upload a step in terms of quality after the madness of Ufiable with Kimetsu, Mappa with Jujutsu Kaisen, or bones with Mob Psycho 100.