Finally, the eve ** of Splatoon 3 will be held from August 28, 2022! Prior to the release, it is a long-awaited event where you can enjoy a festival only for one day.

Some of you may be worried about I want to play Splatoon for the first time, but is it okay to join…? But don’t worry! If you read this article, you can master the technique and attitude that beginners want to know in the Nawabari battle **.

◆ 1: First of all, the important thing is paint!

The most important thing in the Nawabari battle is painting the ground . You can move quickly in the ink of your ally, and the remaining ink can be recovered. In the first place, in the Nawabari battle, it is better to paint more ground, so there is no reason not to paint.

If you enter the enemy’s ink, your feet will be removed, and your opponent may be lurking somewhere. So painting the painted place is also a contribution to the team.


Of course, if you defeat the opponent, you will be defenseless and have more opportunities, but you will not win unless you paint when you defeat the opponent. Painting is the most important part.

◆ 2: Paint your own team carefully!

If you apply the enemy’s ink and delete it, you will be closer to the victory, but it is important to apply your own side carefully. **

The more you become your own side, the harder it is for enemies to paint, so it is also a coating area that you can get in the Nawabari battle. The closer you are, the more carefully you will win or lose.

◆ 3: Let’s choose Buki!

26 kinds of buki can be used at the eve of Splatoon 3, and each has different performance. For example, Wakaba Shooter and Promodeler MG are good at painting , and Splashuters and Splarer are good at defeating the opponent .

If you are a buki that is easy to paint, ask your ally to defeat the enemy, or consider the roles of each team member. If you play with your friends, it is a good idea to consult what kind of buki to use in advance.

4: When attacking, apply the enemy ink and then together with everyone!

As mentioned above, going to the enemy’s ink is highly risky. Therefore, if you want to attack, it is better to apply ** as much as possible before coming out.

In addition, it is good to be able to do what you can do alone, so it is good if you keep your feet with allies. If you use the special weapon and attack at once, it will be easier to reverse.

◆ 5: The last 30 seconds for Nawabari Battle!

The winning or loss of Nawabari Battle is determined by the final coating area, so last 30 seconds is really important. If you are done here, the resurrection will not be in time and will be applied to the other party.

In other words, last 30 seconds is also a chance . It is important to aim for the enemy if you are a type that can defeat your opponent, and if you are good at painting, it is important to survive and paint.

Special weapons such as triple nade should be able to be painted at once by firing at the end. Let’s do our best in the remaining 30 seconds while paying attention to the remaining 1 minute left when the music has been switched! Don’t give up to the end!

◆ 6: Let’s make a difference with action!

When you go up the wall by diving in the ink, you can climb quickly by hitting the B button repeatedly. In this work, in this work, you can battle more advantageously by making full use of techniques.

Ikanobori , a new element of this work, is an action that jumps out by pressing and holding the B button inside the wall. It also has the effect of preventing the enemy on the hill at once and preventing damage.

If you jump while inverted while diving in the ink, Icalor will be generated. This can also prevent a little damage, so it may be a good idea to use it in a pinch by the enemy.

These actions are somewhat difficult, so there is no problem if you don’t try to use them from the beginning. Once you get used to the game, try to get out of other players!