Splatoon 3 is full of elegant threads so that your squid children are as cool as possible when they enter the Splatoon field. Of course, in addition to being incredibly fashionable, your clothes in Splatoon 3 give you skills that strengthen your statistics and give you more power. You will have to know How to change your march in Splatoon 3 to get the most out of your clothes.

Fortunately, clothes are a big problem in Splatoon 3, so it is not difficult to customize the appearance of your character and change his skills. Whether it is a territorial war, anarchic battles or a splat fest, you will need the right equipment for your team to win. Here you have a quick step by step guide so you can start improving your statistics:

How to change equipment in Splatoon 3


How to change equipment in Splatoon 3

* Go to the team menu

Press + on your controller to open the equip. This is where you will find all the team you bought in one of the many game stores.

* Select a category

The equip menu allows you to change the helmet, clothes and shoes. Choose a category to enter and change that element.

* Choose an adjustment

Examine the selection of clothing and click A to confirm and change to that article.

Each garment will have a different associated ability, as well as different amounts of slots for additional skills. That can be adjusted as you climb level, but for now, you can choose something that looks good and helps you in battle.

Professional Council: Some skills are exclusive to a certain category of clothing. As an example, shoes are the only elements that Stealth Jump may have. Pressing ZL will open a window that will give descriptions of all selected garment skills.

With your attire ready, it’s time to leave and show people in Turf War or Anarchy Battles. The team you choose to use will be the one that your character has equipped when you play in those ways, so make sure you choose something that is elegant and powerful. That is all you need to know about How to change your team in Splatoon 3 .

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