It is a series that attracted attention as Naito Yasuhiro, famous for the Gungrave Trigan, which was released on the PS2, joined. It attracted the attention of action fans by showing the distinctive sensibility of Yasuhiro Naito, unstoppable shooting action, and heavy blow when swinging Descopine or firing bazooka. It seemed to be broken.

However, since the domestic developer Lee Ki-mob launched the new series in 2018 with the Gungrave VR, he reunited the Gungrave Gore to introduce the original feeling in line with the current generation console and PC environment. The Gungrave Gore, which was originally scheduled to be released in 2019, was delayed with improvement work and Corona 19, but after noticing the autumn launch in June 2022, the game scom was in the verification.

※ On-site shooting was limited at the request of the developer

What comes to mind when ‘Gun Grave’ comes to mind. There is also time to reload the type that is just like a shot-up style, and the motto of Gungrave is that the quote that the bullet is put more than that time. The enemy is so large that the enemies will not be able to end without a lot of bullets, and the coolness of ‘Gun Grave’ is not the coolness of wielding a huge coffin because it is not blocked by bullets.

The identity was also certain in the Gungrave Gore, which was introduced in this demonstration version. Somewhere, the enemies of the enemies ruthlessly fired at the random pistols, and the excitement of the enemy coming through the bulletbi begins. Graves moving forward by ruthlessly smashed by a double pistol action without any scratches, even if they hit a bullet, are the scenes that stimulate the catharsis of the old old fans, and is still one of the reasons for the Gungrave. In fact, even in the demonstration, I was able to see the fans who talked about the excitement and coolness of Graves without forgetting it. In addition, the feeling was designed to be clearly designed from the beginning, so it is said that the new work of the series is enough.

But if you say that, you may be suspicious that it is meaningless as a new work, not a remaster. Or maybe you may have inherited the stigma of ‘the game that ends just pressing the shooting button,’ which the Gungrave series came from generation to generation. However, ‘Gungrave Gore’ was well-equipped with the action of the action, even in the demonstration version.

It was possible because it added a new system, but was designed to assist the feeling without harming the ‘ruins action’, the core of Gungrave. For example, avoidance was added, but it did not change to a defensive operation of shooting, evacuating, shooting, and evacuating once, like a game with souls or other avoiders. In this way, there are many enemies that take about a month to handle, and if they do not aggressively respond, they will be able to take an infinite offensive.

In fact, there were many enemies in Gungrave Gore who had a shield that had some baptisms from the beginning. The enemies were literally a meat shield, firing a rocket from behind, or another two meat shields that had improved the matte because of the seed argument, so if you pressed the so-called shooting button, no composition was made. However, to avoid, shoot, avoid, and shoot, the shields prevented the bullets well and had too many numbers.

So, I was able to play for a while, to take a breath, brush off the enemies with shields, and then literally change the wave. It’s a fast one, so it’s a bit monotonous, and there’s a comma and a briefly, and then it’s faster. The map also avoided cooking, so there were many obstacles to play, so the route was limited, and the camera was covered by obstacles, so it was easy to see the blind attack.

Evasion alone worked that much, but it was not the only system added to the Gungrave Gore. There are several simple and intuitive actions, such as chain systems that draw enemies, execution systems that immediately kill enemies under certain health, and spheres that incapacit the enemy who has taken a shield and defends with a shield. In addition, the skills of using Copin have become more colorful, but also filled the catharsis that sweeps into the area while making the exaggerated style of the Gungrave.

This system itself is not a new element in the genre of action. Nevertheless, it could be too new and dangerous to adopt in a series called Gungrave. Gungrave’s charm is to shoot, shoot, shoot, smash, and move forward, because there is room for concerns that the addition of multiple operation will naturally complicate and the charm is halved.

Here, the new system has been studied for a long time so that the new system is used in ‘assistance’ and sometimes used to increase the difficulty. In some ways, like a rhythm game, when the pattern is required, the pattern is ruthlessly poured out, like a ruthless note, and the enemy is busy.

Unlike the rhythm game where the pattern was set, ‘Gungrave Gore’ had the beauty of applying the system according to its own meal. The rocket is avoided for a while, and the enemy with a spear is processed from a distant distance, and then the melee combat bottle that runs behind it is changed to a short range of trouble, and the shield and melee combaters are sent to the same time, and the rocket bottle is cooked as a rush. It was an eggplant. The options to be only fired disappeared and the simple taste was a little lower than the previous work, but it was impressive to have a texture to enjoy the action according to the tastes while leaving it in the core. This is because it was almost completely covered and pulled up the elements that were somewhat unfortunate during the Gungrave series.

Of course, it is a demonstration version that plays only the first half. Unlike the cool appearance of changing the jobs efficiently and ruthlessly in various ways, the demonstration version of the boss exhibition is a bit boring when the boss battle is replaced with skills. However, this part is said to be coordinating the difficulty to introduce the basic technique, so it is necessary to watch how it will change in the official version.


To date, ‘Gungrave Gore’ is not the end of adding a new system, but it is a game that caught two rabbits of the series’s identity and action by inducing the system to actively use the system based on the rich action.. Not only the new series of the series, but also the ‘new action game’, it showed a well-organized section, so it is expected to be able to shoot a signal of the series resurrection with its driving force.