This week, 505 games and also the designers of The Bearded Ladies ( Mutant Year No) gave a brand-new trailer for the strategic parlor game Miasma Chronicles.

A lot in breakthrough: You should not count on new gameplay scenes. Rather, we are dealing with a CGI trailer in which the different characters are introduced to you. Amongst them is the lead character Elvis, who was brought to the mining city of Sedary as a baby.

By his mommy, Elvis was provided with a magical glove that enables him to control the mysterious eponymous Masma.

the key of a dark power

Miasma Chronicles is under growth for PlayStation 5.

At the miasma, according to the developer, we need to deal with a dark power that the USA placed in rubble as well as ash. In Miasma Chronicles you wander the wasteland, occupy the fight versus all kind of challengers and also most likely to the look for your mother, who vanished under strange circumstances.

The designers of The Bearded Ladies happily assure a mix of exploring an open globe, demanding and also round-based fights in addition to common role-playing features such as crafting and personality progression. Additional information on the gameplay of Miasma Chronicles are to follow in due training course.

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