[meta bus Park Ye-jin reporter] Com2 bus decided to attract 4 billion won from SK Networks and sign a strategic collaboration system.

Comtu Bus (CEO Jae-jun Song, Lee Joo-hwan), a meta-bus company, Com2 Bus (CEO Lee Kyung-il), has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for investing and business cooperation in a virtual auditorium in the meta bus space with SK Networks (CEO Sang-kyu Park). I announced the work.

Com2 Bus will seek joint business opportunities with SK Networks and member companies in the meta buses, and will collaborate with the trends and business models of related markets. In addition, it is expected that SK Networks’ business space will be provided and various business and customer service will be provided in the Meta Bus of Com2 Bus.

SK Networks is an industrial leading company that provides various services throughout the lifestyle such as Walkerhill, SK Rent-A-Car, and SK Magic.In response to the recent changes in the web 3-centered industry, collaboration network with blockchain and methus-related companies expanded its collaboration network. I’m going. Com2 Bus is a strategy to introduce SK Networks’s various real life services through the virtual world of the meta bus and lead the future digital paradigm.

Lee Kyung-il, CEO of Com2 Bus, said, We are happy to be able to welcome SK Networks, which leads the lifestyle industry as a new business cooperation partner, he said..

Meanwhile, Com2us established the Com2 bus in April with its affiliates Wiji Wick Studio and NP. Com2 Bus is currently promoting an investment partnership worth approximately 40 billion won for joint development with leading companies with leading companies in Korea, and Hana Financial Group, Teachers Group, Kyobo Bookstore, Dr. Nou, Hanmi It is building a partnership ecosystem with leading companies that encompass financial, culture, life, medical, enter, and fashion such as healthcare, My Music Taste, Young Sil Industry, and Brand Exorotion.