It has been reported that MOJANG has changed the appearance of the default skin of Minecraft .

In this change, the appearance change of Steve and Alex, the default skin, was implemented. Steve’s beard, which existed in the past version, has been revived, and Alex’s appearance has been made minor.

Steve’s mouth mustache was deleted from a very old version, such as Java Edition Beta 1.0 in December 2010. Since then, although it has become a skin without a beard, works such as key art for large updates, Minecraft Dungeons and Dead Brawl Smash Brothers Special use the appearance of a mustache. The appearance did not match.

There are various reasons why the chin mustache has been deleted, but to be mistaken for a smiling mouth and Mr. Notch, the creator, Aiming for gender neutral in avatar, the appearance and name of the default skin. There are various reasons, such as the description of regrets.