It has been an interesting week for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community, with a well-known tournament that bears the name of Smashcon , which logically brings together the best players of this title and also some clones. During this, the user Onin managed to take the first thanks to the character of Steve , the same as fans now detest.


Onin is relatively, with his debut in a tournament in The Online Olympus II in January of 2021 , then he continued to appear in others, even winning the first place in Combo Breaker 2022 . He is considered one of the best Steve players in the world, and has accumulated a good number of victories. He has surpassed outstanding users such as MK Leo , and many have thought that the character is broken.

The character has some movements that do not like the scene, since his ability to build him can give complications to the rivals when wanting to return to the stage. On the other hand, many supported the adversary of Onin in Smashcon , especially because they do not like the character, still the Steve user won him with all the cheers.

Given this situation, complaints did not wait. There are some here:

Steve is not good for anyone…

The players who play Steve will shit and insult.

And those who do not get angry

Very sad TBH situation

Iowa is the first state to ban Steve

Baneen to Steve

Remember that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available in Nintendo Switch .