To fall asleep in Project Zomboid, players need to find an object on which they can sleep when they are tired, for example, a bed or sofa. You can find beds in various places of the game, such as at home, fire depots and even police sections.

You also do not need to rely on a comfortable bed for sleeping, and you can sleep on the ground or benches if you are tired. Nevertheless, this will lead to poor sleep of your character. Negative influence Your character.

For example, if you slept on a bench, your player would have a high chance to get pain from sleep on a solid surface. The amount of rest that you get from sleep on a solid surface will also be terrible.

Because of this, it is better to use in the game at least the average objects for sleeping, such as couchs and beds. We recommend that you put the cursor on the object if you want to know that a great object sleep.

Holding the cursor over the object will display a label of sleep quality, as shown above. Use this tag to determine which object is best to use when you are tired Zomboid project.

Why do you need to sleep in Project Zomboid?

Players need to sleep to get rid of tired mudlles that they receive over time in the game. These tired wise men also reduce the player’s ability to fight and use weapons.

Because of this, it is always useful to relax and sleep when it is possible when your character receives one of tired moods.

All tired wise men in Project Zomboid

How to fall asleep during pain in Project Zomboid?


To fall asleep during the pain in the Project Zomboid, the players will either use painkillers to reduce the current level of pain, or find and use sleeping pills.

Sleeping is the best way to fall asleep during pain, as it instantly allows the players to fall asleep, bypassing the impact of sleeping pills. The mood of the pain. Nevertheless, you can find both painkillers and sleeping pills in Particip, hospitals, clinics, tables in the game.

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