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I am excited by Cyberpunk Edgerunners and I explain why I think it will be better than the game

exciting yourself for a work of our favorite director, study or producer is ** Something that we all love. of War, or even a new image about the power rings, the new series inspired by the world of the lord of the rings that so much Hype has.

Well, this time I am going to talk about one of the works that has brought me the most emotion to me hours, especially for its new and spectacular trailer that has left me with my mouth open: Cyberpunk Edgerunners . The anime inspired by the last title of CD Projekt Red and animated by Studio Trigger has given me an adrenaline and desire to arrive as soon as possible on September 13, the day in which the 10 chapters of this work in Netflix premieres.

But not only I am excited; You, reader, who are reading this and that you probably want to see the work even if you don’t know much of anime (or yes), You should be excited so it will reach our screens. Because will not just an anime than complement to Cyberpunk, no; This is going to be a true bomb and probably of the best we go to see this year.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners wants to make history

The main reason why I am excited is basically for whom it is behind the entire project: Trigger . This Japanese study is not one like Mappa or A-1, which has an innumerable amount of anime to do each season and year and some frog; This study is focused on very specific and especially original works , since almost none of those that has produced or done are based on a work that had already been done before.

It is a company that knows very well how to fall in love with the viewer with a very firm layout and a spectacularity that remains as a ring to the finger to a work set in the dystopian future. Kill La Kill, two stories that have nothing to do with Cyberpunk Edgerunners but are set in a place full of hostility. And they not only have the help of CD Projakt, but also have behind Netflix to help them all possible in the economical and thus exploit their potential.

Because yes, they have already demonstrated the follies they can do if there is a money machine behind it: Disney . The Japanese study collaborated with the American giant to create an incredible chapter in Star Wars Visions , a compilation of episodes animated by different anime studies inspired by the world created by George Lucas. That is why in addition to having a very good budget, they have already practiced when their style in other franchises or worlds already created. **

uncensored in any field

Something that has caused this increase in hype has also been the elimination of any censorship in the work. Because the CD Projekt game already broke with this through different explicit scenes, what we have seen from Edgerunners seems to go a step further in all areas. From scenes uploaded to gigantic massacres with a blood party; Everything is put to give much more emphasis to the hostility of Night City and everything that surrounds the protagonist.

Another strong point will be, and I am sure, its soundtrack that will be carried out by the legendary Akira Yamaoka , main composer of the entire Silent Hill saga . If we put a cane opening created by the very Franz Ferdinand , everything is ready for Trigger to fly our heads once again with an anime of 10 chapters full of action, blood, viscera and chulería. Night City will be more alive than ever and I think it will be the great climax for many studies to upload a step in terms of quality after the madness of Ufiable with Kimetsu, Mappa with Jujutsu Kaisen, or bones with Mob Psycho 100.

Star Wars reveals Leias dress at her wedding with Han Solo

If there is a famous marriage in the universe Star Wars it is, how could it be otherwise, that of Princess Leia with Han Solo. This is an event that however in the films is mentioned in pfamous marriagesing, spending after the episode VI: the return of the Jedi , but that fortunately for the millions of fans around the world, it will be treated in Star Wars: The Princess and The Scoundrel-La Princesa and El scoundrel-, a novel that will soon be in charge of the writer Beth review.

In fact, in the Variety portal they have had access to part of the graphic material of the novel, and obviously, it is worth highlighting Leia’s dress during such an event. She is a striking green color with patterned trim at the bottom and a golden belt. At this time, Leia is no longer the princess of the town. She wfamous marriage more beautiful than ever because she wfamous marriage just she herself. She tells her in the novel.

next Star Wars premieres

Meanwhile, fans must also expect a considerable number of series premieres set in the Star Wars universe in the coming months in Disney +. With the centered on Obi Wan Kenobi recently concluded in its first sefamous marriageon, the most immediate is Star Wars: Andor , which will be relefamous marriageed in September after a recent delay, and will take place after the events of Star Wars : Rogue One.

But later they arrive even more, such famous marriage Star Wars: the bad spike or Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi , both of animation and with premiere this year. We will have to wait for 2023 to enjoy Star Wars Ahsoka and the expected third sefamous marriageon of The Mandalorian .

NS Mario Cart 8 Deluxe sold 46.82 million copies worldwide.

What is the most sold game on the Nintendo Switch? ‘Zelda’s Legend: Breath of Wild’, which is regarded as opening a new horizon of the open world game, ‘Gather’, which caused the Nintendo switch shortage while causing a global craze, ‘Forest of Animal’, Nintendo Cross Over Fighting Game On the 29th, the game, which was ranked No. 1 among many candidates such as Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, which added its characteristics, was released on the 29th.

The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA), Japan’s corporate corporation, published the 2022 game white paper on the 29th, containing various data related to the game industry. According to the white paper, the most sold game among Nintendo switch games is Mario Cart 8 Deluxe. The company surveyed the sales volume until the second quarter of this year, and sold 46.82 million copies.

The second place was ‘Gathered Animal Forest’, which was at the center of the Untact craze. Considering that it has been a little over two years since it was released in 39.38 million copies, it can be said that the sale was made at a high speed. The third place was 2,882 million, with the second and 10 million gaps, ‘Super Smash Brothers Ultimate’, and the fourth place was the long-awaited ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild’, which was named 2714 million.

Following the Pokémon Swords, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Pokémon Letsugo! Pikachu, Eve, was in order, and finally, Ring Pitt Adventure, which became a hot topic with the original concept that combines the game and the movement.

This is not the only game that achieves Platinum sellers, which means more than 10 million copies, which are difficult to achieve even AAA-class games. Although not in the top 10, ‘New Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe’, ‘Splatoon 2’, ‘Pokémon Legend Arseus’ and ‘Louis Mansion 3’ also achieved Platinum Sellers, and 14 games achieved Platinum sellers. I could confirm the one.

One Piece: These are the brand-new head cash of the straw hats to Wano!

After 149 phases, the Wano storyline in One Item came to an epic end. Fittingly, Phase 1058 fired up a highly expected info bomb: Just how high are the new head money of the straw hat pirates around Ape D. Luffy? The last has lately been one of the four emperors of the seas, so one of the absolutely harmful pirates in the eyes of the world federal government is one of the most dangerous pirates.

Perfect overview for collectors: All volumes of One Item consisting of arcs and titles!


One Item: New head cash of the straw hat pirates to Wano

After 149 chapters, the Wano storyline in One Piece came to a legendary end. For the very first time, the straw hats are on their ship again, on the method to the next experience. Fittingly, Phase 1058 fired up a very expected information bomb: Just how high are the brand-new head money of the straw hat pirates around Monkey D. Luffy? The last has actually recently been one of the 4 emperors of the seas, so one of the absolutely unsafe pirates in the eyes of the globe government is one of the most unsafe pirates. If you are stunned at the astronomically high numbers of head cash in One Item, you should maintain in mind that One Item comes from a Japanese writer.

If you are shocked at the astronomically high numbers of head money in One Piece, you should maintain in mind that One Piece comes from a Japanese writer. Take 2 no spots for comprehending if your head cash looks.

On her initial shipping on the way to a brand-new experience, the team of the Thousand Sunny will get its new headgives of the world federal government by means of Möwen-Kurier. From the tiniest to the biggest, they stop working as complies with. (by means of Mangaplus):.

Matthias Brückle.
| Chopper: 1000 berry – in The eyes of the world he remains a harmless pet dog (before: 100).| Nami: 366 million Berry – Sie would certainly prefer to gather the cash itself (prior to: 66 million).| Brook: 383 million Berry (previously 83 million).| Franky: 394 million Berry – In new picture reveals the Sunny rather than him (previously 95 million).| Usopp: 500 million Berry – er panic because he is worried of bounty hunters (previously 200 million).| Robin: 930 million Berry – Sie obtained a substantial boost (previously: 130 million).| Sanji: 1.032 billion berry – Sürzurt that he stays behind Zorro (previously 330 million).| Jinbe: 1.1 billion Berry (previously 438 million).| Zorro: 1.111 billion Berry (previously 320 million).| Luffy:3 billion Berry! He defeated Kaido and also is just one of the new emperors of the sea (previously 1.5 billion).

By the method, we currently have wonderful as well as affordable numbers of the straw hat pirates for you in a special lit up. What do you get residence?

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The next version of Gamescom will be held from August 23 to 27, 2023

At one day, the 2023 edition of Gamescom will certainly therefore be held throughout the same period as this year, from August 23 to 27. A statement which is accompanied by the frequentation figures for the event, well below those of the last version in Koelnmesse, in 2019.

As quickly as the 2022 edition is finished, the coordinators of Gamescom have just announced the dates to which the famous German show will be held following year while exposing the frequentation figures in Koelnmesse at the end of the five days of occasion.

3 years ago, Gamescom recorded 373,000 visitors. This year, 265,000 individuals met in Fragrance. The wellness situation has passed by there and also it will most likely take some additional editions before the show discovers all its mood, if it is naturally that the scenario does not weaken once more in the coming months.

For his part, Geoff Keighly still welcomes 12 million viewers that adhered to the Opening Night Live, the inaugural event of the event. Ultimately, let us remember that the Tokyo Game Program will be held from September 15 to 18, while the Game Awards, organized by the exact same Geoff Keighly, will be relayed on December 8.

Series A: Eruptive discoveries? Paul Pogba blackmailed from his very own sibling

The French football world champion Paul Pogba is apparently blackmailed after his bro Mathias has announced huge revelations on the Net.

As the information company AFP discovered on Sunday, the French police started an investigation.

In a declaration by his attorneys, his mother and also his expert, it was said that the video clips released on Saturday were unfortunately not a surprise: There are risks and also attempts at blackmail by an organized gang versus Paul Pogba.

Mathias Pogba, former national player Guineas, had described in videos in four languages, the entire globe, as well as the followers of my bro and specifically the French team and Juventus, the colleagues of my bro and his enrollers are entitled to certain points.


The midfielder had gone back to the Italian document champs Juventus Turin after six years at Manchester United after 6 years. The 29-year-old is presently missing out on as a result of a curve injury.

The introduced revelations are explosive. AFP gained from sources that close to the household that Paul Pogba demands terrific amounts to prevent the magazine.

The authorities in France and also Italy were informed a month back.

Splatoon 3 If you know this, beginners are also very active at the Eve Festival! 6 attitudes that you want to keep

Finally, the eve ** of Splatoon 3 will be held from August 28, 2022! Prior to the release, it is a long-awaited event where you can enjoy a festival only for one day.

Some of you may be worried about I want to play Splatoon for the first time, but is it okay to join…? But don’t worry! If you read this article, you can master the technique and attitude that beginners want to know in the Nawabari battle **.

◆ 1: First of all, the important thing is paint!

The most important thing in the Nawabari battle is painting the ground . You can move quickly in the ink of your ally, and the remaining ink can be recovered. In the first place, in the Nawabari battle, it is better to paint more ground, so there is no reason not to paint.

If you enter the enemy’s ink, your feet will be removed, and your opponent may be lurking somewhere. So painting the painted place is also a contribution to the team.


Of course, if you defeat the opponent, you will be defenseless and have more opportunities, but you will not win unless you paint when you defeat the opponent. Painting is the most important part.

◆ 2: Paint your own team carefully!

If you apply the enemy’s ink and delete it, you will be closer to the victory, but it is important to apply your own side carefully. **

The more you become your own side, the harder it is for enemies to paint, so it is also a coating area that you can get in the Nawabari battle. The closer you are, the more carefully you will win or lose.

◆ 3: Let’s choose Buki!

26 kinds of buki can be used at the eve of Splatoon 3, and each has different performance. For example, Wakaba Shooter and Promodeler MG are good at painting , and Splashuters and Splarer are good at defeating the opponent .

If you are a buki that is easy to paint, ask your ally to defeat the enemy, or consider the roles of each team member. If you play with your friends, it is a good idea to consult what kind of buki to use in advance.

4: When attacking, apply the enemy ink and then together with everyone!

As mentioned above, going to the enemy’s ink is highly risky. Therefore, if you want to attack, it is better to apply ** as much as possible before coming out.

In addition, it is good to be able to do what you can do alone, so it is good if you keep your feet with allies. If you use the special weapon and attack at once, it will be easier to reverse.

◆ 5: The last 30 seconds for Nawabari Battle!

The winning or loss of Nawabari Battle is determined by the final coating area, so last 30 seconds is really important. If you are done here, the resurrection will not be in time and will be applied to the other party.

In other words, last 30 seconds is also a chance . It is important to aim for the enemy if you are a type that can defeat your opponent, and if you are good at painting, it is important to survive and paint.

Special weapons such as triple nade should be able to be painted at once by firing at the end. Let’s do our best in the remaining 30 seconds while paying attention to the remaining 1 minute left when the music has been switched! Don’t give up to the end!

◆ 6: Let’s make a difference with action!

When you go up the wall by diving in the ink, you can climb quickly by hitting the B button repeatedly. In this work, in this work, you can battle more advantageously by making full use of techniques.

Ikanobori , a new element of this work, is an action that jumps out by pressing and holding the B button inside the wall. It also has the effect of preventing the enemy on the hill at once and preventing damage.

If you jump while inverted while diving in the ink, Icalor will be generated. This can also prevent a little damage, so it may be a good idea to use it in a pinch by the enemy.

These actions are somewhat difficult, so there is no problem if you don’t try to use them from the beginning. Once you get used to the game, try to get out of other players!

Frankfurt: Glasner relies upon Kamada and Götze?

There are additionally no major problems, in enhancement to the lasting injured Aurelio Buta (knee surgical procedure) as well as Almamy Tour (tendon injury), the instructor just has to do without Ajdin Hrustic, which is not yet one hundred percent fit according to muscle problems. All other gamers are operational and also have actually accelerated, says the instructor.

With only 2 points from three video games, Eintracht started the brand-new season weakly. Glasner reports of a excellent ambience in the group as well as truly tinder in training, on top of that, a lot had been giggled at: A great deal of objectives were scored during the closing of the goal.


Videotaped pointers and also A great deal of experience: Glasner’s regard for Werder

To do this, however, his group has to enhance in the front 3rd in order to get a lot more frequently in final situations. It is important that we work on it, but do not lose looseness, evaluates Glasner.

Werder Bremen is rupturing with self-confidence after the 3-2 in Dortmund, and also Glasner’s regard is also great. Also if they are an advertised group, Bremen has a great deal of Bundesliga experience. This is a solid team that plays really well football. They play variable in 3-5-2 and also have 2 well-rehearsed tips with Ducksch as well as filling jug, explains the Austrian. Confidence ensures that Werder has conceded 2 objectives in all 3 Bundesliga games thus far. Glasner therefore expects rooms to produce possibilities as well as rack up goals.

After a cross-season, eleven Bundesliga games without victory is the stress to lastly return to the roadway to success in Bremen. In the meanwhile, it is the second longest winless series in Frankfurt’s Bundesliga background. Just from September 1983 to February 1984 did the Hesse stay without a threesome (16 video games).

new system, new impulses?

Werder Bremen is bursting with self-confidence after the 3-2 in Dortmund, as well as Glasner’s respect is likewise great. Even if they are an advertised group, Bremen has a whole lot of Bundesliga experience. Confidence guarantees that Werder has yielded 2 objectives in all 3 Bundesliga games so far. Glasner as a result expects rooms to create possibilities as well as rack up objectives.

It can be excited to see which staff the instructor gets on the offensive and whether it sticks with 4-2-3-1. Normally the solid Daichi Kamada comes from the very first eleven, with each other with Mario Götze the Japanese might provide a lot of lively impulses. A transition to 4-3-3 would certainly as a result be possible. In this standard order, Götze could function as one of two aft as well as Kamada left or right in the offending half-area. In the 4-2-3-1, on the other hand, it would only be room for among both innovative players. It is also questionable whether the just recently harmless striker Rafael Borré can play once more from the start. In any situation, Glasner is not doing not have in choices (Alario, Kolo Muani).

Generally the strong Daichi Kamada belongs to the first eleven, with each other with Mario Götze the Japanese could offer a whole lot of spirited impulses.

Asterix & Obelix XXXL Le Aries of Hibernie: a release date as well as an enthusiasts version

Microids takes advantage of his stay in Cologne for the Gamescom 2022 to disclose the launch day of the next Asterix & Obélix XXXL: the Aries of Hibernie, announced last month. At the exact same time, we discover that a collection agency’s edition is intended, in which we will find a 18 centimeters obelix porcelain figurine, possibly by PVC. It will certainly be gone along with by 3 lithographs, auto-pollutants, a copy of the video game as well as an enthusiast’s box.

Collection agency edition .
An enthusiast’s box.

The Asterix & Obélix XXXL game: the ram of Hibernie.
An 18 centimeters obelix porcelain figurine.
Two sticker label plates.
3 lithographs.

Microids takes benefit of his stay in Cologne for the Gamescom 2022 to disclose the release date of the next Asterix & Obélix XXXL: the Aries of Hibernie, announced last month. At the exact same time, we find out that a collector’s edition is intended, in which we will locate a 18 cm obelix figurine, possibly by PVC. It will be accompanied by 3 lithographs, auto-pollutants, a duplicate of the game and also a collection agency’s box.

Minimal version .
The Asterix & Obélix XXXL game: the ram of Hibernie.
2 sticker plates.
3 lithographs.

How to change equipment in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is full of elegant threads so that your squid children are as cool as possible when they enter the Splatoon field. Of course, in addition to being incredibly fashionable, your clothes in Splatoon 3 give you skills that strengthen your statistics and give you more power. You will have to know How to change your march in Splatoon 3 to get the most out of your clothes.

Fortunately, clothes are a big problem in Splatoon 3, so it is not difficult to customize the appearance of your character and change his skills. Whether it is a territorial war, anarchic battles or a splat fest, you will need the right equipment for your team to win. Here you have a quick step by step guide so you can start improving your statistics:

How to change equipment in Splatoon 3


How to change equipment in Splatoon 3

* Go to the team menu

Press + on your controller to open the equip. This is where you will find all the team you bought in one of the many game stores.

* Select a category

The equip menu allows you to change the helmet, clothes and shoes. Choose a category to enter and change that element.

* Choose an adjustment

Examine the selection of clothing and click A to confirm and change to that article.

Each garment will have a different associated ability, as well as different amounts of slots for additional skills. That can be adjusted as you climb level, but for now, you can choose something that looks good and helps you in battle.

Professional Council: Some skills are exclusive to a certain category of clothing. As an example, shoes are the only elements that Stealth Jump may have. Pressing ZL will open a window that will give descriptions of all selected garment skills.

With your attire ready, it’s time to leave and show people in Turf War or Anarchy Battles. The team you choose to use will be the one that your character has equipped when you play in those ways, so make sure you choose something that is elegant and powerful. That is all you need to know about How to change your team in Splatoon 3 .

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