Niantic often holds events and holidays in honor of Pokémon Go. These events often add new Pokemon to the game, which players can fill their Pokudex. The Hisuian Discoveris event begins in July 2022 and represents three new Pokemon. One of these Pokemon, Hisuian Quilfish , has an exciting brilliant version. Its color is sharply different from the original color, and it is in great demand in the main games about Pokemon.

Сможете ли вы поймать блестящего хисуанского квилфиша в Pokémon GO?

At the time of writing, Hisuan Quilfish cannot be brilliant when caught or met in Pokémon Go. This may not always be like that, but so far the players just have to wait for this brilliant form. The usual version of Qwilfish has a brilliant form in the game, as well as an exciting color change, which turns from bluish-green into bright pink. Players who hunt for this brilliant Pokemon should look for near reservoirs in order to increase the chances of meeting it.

Hisuian Qwilfish can have its own brilliant shape during the future event or holiday. Galarian Zigzagoon is a Pokemon presented at the bottom of the community in August 2022, which means that there is a precedent for regional forms that attract attention to them. It is important to note that at the moment, Hisuan Quilfish is available only during Hisui discoveries event, so players should definitely play from from July 27 to August 2 if they want a chance to catch this Pokemon.

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