Destiny 2 celebrates the solstice next to a grid of free elements for all the players of their universe. From July 19 to August 9 You will find new opportunities to expand your arsenal, such August the Legend’s hand cannon.

Expand your arsenal in Destiny 2 solstice

August soon August you go to the event, which you will find in the tower next to its organizer, Eva Levante, you will receive a redesigned solstice armor set. From there, a chain of challenges will begin in which you can wrap it with striking holograms for its surface. The activity Fiesta in the bonfire will allow you to fight against waves of enemies around pira. If you achieve success you will improve your armor statistics.


Eververso will expand its collection with an Augustsortment of cosmetics linked to summer . In the same strip you can add an event card that will incorporate both free and payment rewards; You can improve it for a concrete sum in the store.

Your way for the solstice will take you for the challenges of the new seal. When you complete them you will receive the title ‘flame escort’ , with which you can claim your exclusive pin for a limited time. The promotions with the Bungie Store extend to the exclusive 2022 solstice shirt for all those who complete the initial adventure.

This temporal framework of content coincides with the seAuguston of the tormented, which will be extended until August 23 August part of the post-launching of the expansion of the Witch’s expansion. In Meristation we describe it August the best expansion to date. For some moments it approaches the levels of revolution that the king of those possessed for the original. And he does it by betting on the roots that led Bungie to shine in the international panorama. Your campaign is the most value section of content. It is fun, varied and (finally) proposes something more between shooting and shooting. You can read the complete analysis in this link.