ELECTRONIC ARTS has released the latest information on the skateboard game Skate. Currently being developed on July 15. This work is not Skate 4 but Skate. Is the official title. It was also revealed that it will be a operated game provided for free play.

This work is the latest work of the skateboard game SKATE series by the EA’s umbrella Studio FULL CIRCLE. Veteran developers who have worked on the series lead the project. In the series, the new release was cut off at the end of Skate 3 released in 2010, but it was clear that a new work was under development in June 2020. Currently, invitation closed tests are being implemented in the development version.

In the video released this time, developers talk about the games of this work. First of all, it was explained that the title of this work was not a numbering Skate. Also, if you clear and see the ending, it is not the end, but it is aiming for a work that will play regularly and get new discoveries. For this reason, new content will be added, events, and seasons will be implemented.

It has also been announced that this work will be provided for free play. In correspondence with cross-play cross-processing, players of all platforms can play together, and the progress of the game can be carried over the platform. Specific platforms have not been announced, but will be released for PCs and new and old consoles. In addition, it is also distributed for mobile, and it is also working to achieve cross-play cross-processing.

It seems that there is also a small amount of billing elements in this work because it is provided for free play. The development team does not use Pay-to-win, which makes game play advantageous by charging, that everyone can access the same map for free, and that there is no paid route box (gacha element). promised.

As a billing target, most of them will be cosmetic items and some useful elements. The small billing factor is an option, and it seems that the community is not divided depending on the presence or absence of billing. In addition, the development team can support this work for many years by adopting basic play free models.

It was also revealed that the stage of this work will be a new city called SAN VANSTERDAM. It is a sister city location of SAN VANELONA that appeared in the past work of the series. In addition, there is no linear single play with the ending in this work, and it seems to be a work that emphasizes the connection with the community in multi-players.

One of the community elements was the existence of Collaboz1. Although the details are unknown, it seems to be a place where multiple players build and expand their own skate parks. It is said that there are also elements to take photos and share them. In addition, it was revealed that lip tricks were added and power slide systems were improved.

The delivery date of Skate. Is undecided. The company will proceed with the development while receiving feedback from the community and release it as soon as it is ready. The official website is looking for play test participants. If you are interested, please register.