Nintendo announced on July 13th that it will release Bayonetta 3 on October 28th. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch, and the price is 7678 yen for the package version and 7600 yen for the download version. In addition, the Trinity Masquerade Edition that includes art books will be released on the same day, and the price here is 9878 yen (both including tax).

Bayonetta 3 is the latest in the action game Bayonetta series by PlatinumGames. In this work, the army of the biological weapon homunculus made by humans suddenly appears, and the main character Bayonetta will confront. The homunculus is said to be trying to obtain the power to erase the demon world and the heavenly world by destroying the human world.

So far, the familiar witch time that controls the time by dodging the enemy’s attack with a single sheet of paper and unleashes a splendid combo, and the demon masquerade that fuses with the demon beast and controls its powerful magical power. A new ability called is shown. And in the trailer released this time, a new action Demon Slave that can freely summon powerful demons and operate intuitively is introduced. It is an action that makes use of the characteristics of the demon beast, such as moving the collapsed buildings on the spider-shaped demon beast Fantasmaranea and shooting on the locomotive-shaped demon beast.

Furthermore, the character that was previously regarded as a mysterious person turned out to be named Viola. Her identity is still a mystery, but her sword-based attacks and the summoning of the cat-shaped demon beast Cheshire are shown in a fluid collaborative technique. In addition to this, characters familiar to the series such as Rodin, Jeanne, Enzo, and Luka will appear again in this work.

Bayonetta 3 will be released on October 28th for Nintendo Switch.