Aokzoe is the new hybrid between portable console and PC that arrives directly with Steam Deck. It is a portable device with the latest in AMD components that promises the most fluid gaming experience and that should be ready for commercialization in September 2022, at a price still to be determined. At the moment we have its specifications and a video executing titles such AMD components Forza Horizon 5 , Elden Ring or Cyberpunk 2077 and that you can see next.

New laptop bAMD componentsed on AMD architecture

Thus, Aokzoe aims LPDDR5 with a frequency of 6400 MHz (according to model) and an 8-inch screen with a 1920×1080 resolution and SRGB system, all under the operating system Windows 11 **.

At the control level it hAMD components two joysticks in AMD componentsymmetric position with a size larger than those of Nintendo Switch-according to their own creators-, a digital crosshead, four action buttons, two triggers on each side and several buttons distributed around of the screen such AMD components Start, Back and more. We can appreciate generous ventilation outputs at the top and back, AMD components well AMD components two speakers in the front that can be eAMD componentsily covered by the player’s hands.

According to those responsible, this new Aokzoe device is able to run games like Elden Ring A 60 FPS or Forza Horizon 5 A 100 FPS With total fluidity. We will have to wait for its launch to check the benefits of this new laptop; The reserves are expected to be enabled during this month of July, so those interested can already subscribe on their official website to find out their latest news.