On July 5, the domestic indie game production team, Ribild Games, announced Summer Road . The compatible platform is PC (Steam). It supports Japanese and English subtitles and is scheduled to be distributed in 2023.

Summer Road is an auto AI Hakusura RPG for adults who are tired of high-calorie works. The protagonists are three curious girls. In this work, they leave on a journey aiming for a mysterious light that fell east. It seems that a summer adventure is drawn.

The girls go east on the town, the side of the tracks, and deep forests. Various enemies are waiting on the way, and the three will fight the enemy. There are some elements that are familiar to the goals, the battle ahead of the goals, and the familiar elements of RPG. However, in this work, the three girls who are the player characters will automatically move and fight. The player manages the equipment they have obtained. The basic flow of this work is to watch their activities while thinking about equipment management and character buildings.

In terms of system, the characters are enhanced by equipment such as bat and dash boots, and the AI action changes drastically depending on the combination of equipment. The equipment has a synthetic system, and it seems that equipment with special effects can be created. The end of the girl’s adventure depends on the selection of random events, parties, and routes that occur on the road. One play is about 10 minutes, and the ultimate goal is to repeat the adventure and reach the true ending.

The development of this work is a rebuild games, a domestic indie game production team. As a past work, Slash RPG Ichisen Hero and Idol and Donburi Meshi have been released for smartphones. In the previous work Metboy, the Nintendo Switch version is also being distributed in addition to iOS/Android.

This work Summer Road is being developed as an RPG for adults tired of high-calorie RPG based on the concept of I want to play RPG more casually. In addition to being able to play in a short time, it seems to be immersed in nostalgia. In addition, although the play itself is casual, it is said that one RPG experience awaits after many adventures are waiting.

Summer Road will be distributed in 2023 to PC (Steam).