The Moore’s Law IS Dead insider shared in the new video renders of the NVIDIA RTX 4090 TI and RTX 4090 video cards systems. The image shows the updated cooling of the Founder’s Edition of NVIDIA itself from different sides. The thickness of such a video card will be three or three and a half slot, and the radiator will contain significantly more ribs than used in the RTX 3090 Ti Founder’s Edition. The total area of the radiator will also increase. Will this be enough to keep the temperature on the 600-watt video card under control? It should be enough, because existing Founder’s Edition cooling systems successfully cool the 450-vat RTX 3090 Ti.

You can familiarize yourself with the rendered Founder’s Edition in the album below. The release of video cards RTX 4090 is expected in October of this year, but the paper launch may take place in September.

You can familiarize yourself with the full video of the insider below.