Nexon will hold a sparkling festival on the 16th, celebrating its 18th anniversary in its popular online game Mabinogi.

First, if you participate in the Starlight Festival, which starts with the development team’s letters for Millesian, it offers abundant benefits. Event NPC Neo and friends perform a variety of quests or participate in a mini game, and they will receive rewards such as very small stars, gestures and romantic farm items. In addition, if you access the game period, you will receive a very small pieces and the 18th anniversary fantasy star secondary title. The acquired ‘Very Small Stone Sculpture’ can be exchanged for various rewards such as the 18th anniversary special costume item and romantic farm items at the event store.


At the same time, the 18th anniversary event will provide a gift from Mabinogi. You can download the font ‘paralyzed body’ in the ‘Mabinogi’ game on the official website, and if you write down what you want to say to a person who is precious or missed on a letter with ‘paralytic’ on the web, 500 people are drawn and Nexon Cash 10,000 won Provide it.

In addition, various digital goods will be introduced to encounter ‘Mabinogi’ in everyday life. You can download ‘Mabinogi’ name sticker file with the concept of ‘Iriha’ and the 18th anniversary, and you can also use three Instagram ‘Mabinogi’ filter effects.

For more information on the ‘Glittering Festival’, you can find it on the official website of Mabinogi.