Gravity’s subsidiary Gravity Neo Cyan announced on the 16th that it held the ‘Game Startup Club’ with the Department of Game & VR Design.

The opening ceremony of the game start-up club was held with Gravity Neo Cyan’s VM Divier, Kim Sung-yong, Kim Sung-yong, Indeok University Game & VR Design, Lee Chul-seung, Professor Shim Hyo-young, and 9 students in the game.

Starting with the launching ceremony, Gravity Neo Cyan’s practitioner will carry out new game development projects with students in game startup clubs for about three months. Working experts share long-term experience and know-how accumulated so far with students, and through this, participating students will be able to experience the project with the goal of planning, development and launching, and experiencing on-site-centered practical sense.

Gravity Neo Cyan is a mobile content company founded in 2000, and is carrying out a mobile service platform, mobile content development, online marketing, and publishing at home and abroad. In addition, since December 2012, the company has been continuing the Korean service of mobile games ‘Puzzle & Dragon’ for 10 years, and has been developing contents such as various mobile games and SNS games, multimedia, augmented reality, and applications.

Gravity Neo Cyan and Indeok University Game & VR Design Department signed a business agreement and family company agreement in January this year, promising to carry out various activities for mutual development.The game development project is also on-the-job training, joint research and development, technology of students’ field training, joint research and development. It was conducted with the purpose of providing opportunities for maps.

Lee Min-ki, a former Gravity Gravity Neo Syan VM Divi, said, I think that the experience of the practitioner and the creativity of the students will be combined to create a positive synergy effect. I hope you can.