In our gripping glove guide to Fortnite

  • What the gripping glove stations look like

* Where on the map you can find gripping gloves
* Tips for swinging with the gripping hooks

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Where can I find the gripping glove in Fortnite?

In Fortnite you can swing through the ventilation again: Epic has distributed gripping gloves everywhere on the map. You can recognize the pink gripping glove foundations from afar. You can always find a gripping glove in the pink gripping glove tool boxes with the gripping hook symbol on it.

All gripping glove foundations on the map

So that you can secure a gripping glove right at the beginning of a game, we have marked all locations on the map .

tips for using the gripping glove

You have to actively equip the gripping glove like a weapon and can then use the shot button to hang on trees, buildings and rocks. If you swing three times in a row, you will receive a speed boost .

Attention : If you end up on the floor and stay there for a few seconds, you cannot use the gripping glove directly, you have to wait for a cooldown.

Bonus tip : You can also use the gripping hook objects such as weapons and items.

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