The showcase of ‘Ignation’, a large-scale update of Maple Story’s summer season, was held on YouTube. In the showcase, Sung Seung-heon Caster was in charge of the show, and Kang Won-ki, general manager, and Kim Chang-seop, Director of Planning, participated.

The core of the summer’s large-scale update is the complete remaster of the Cygnus Knights. The play and effects of six jobs belonging to the Cygnus Knights are improved and reorganized. In addition, special events such as hyper burning, which can be leveled up to 250 levels, and various improvements were also mentioned.

※ Special compensation for the Ignance showcase commemorative rewards (rewards from 6/16 to 6/29, conversation with large cities operator NPC): Select Symbol Exchange Ticket X2, Mannequin X1, Extreme Great X1, Experience Core Gemstone X1, Great Growth option X1, Extreme growth

Remaster [June 30th update]
While maintaining the existing concept, convenience and firepower enhancement

The Summer Update is completely remastered by Cygnus occupation. The big direction of the remaster is to improve the unreasonable combat method while maintaining the character, as with the adventurer remaster. Various skills will be improved and reorganized, and overall, the character’s operation will be intuitive and the growth experience will be improved.

Cygnus Remaster will be applied to the live server on June 30. Below is a summary of the improvements of each occupational group released in the showcase live.

■ Soul Master-Forced Jump Delete and Cosmic of System Added
The identity of the Soul Master was to use specialized skills between the sun and the moon, two stance. Recently, however, this concept has caused inconvenience in both hunting and bosses, and solving this problem is the core of this remaster. The reorganized soul master increases the efficiency of the sun and the moon, the two stance, and additionally, the ‘Cosmic of’ system of the space concept is added, enhancing both hunting and boss warfare.

#Soul master change point

Cosmic of- New system. Acquire purple ball when hitting skills. Using powerful skills by consuming this resource
Soluna Slash -It can be used on earth
Solar Slash/Luna Divide -Conplacal replacement, use as a range attacker and injection attacker, respectively
Soul Forge> Change to Cosmic Forge -Comic of the maximum cosmic of the maximum value that can be held for a certain time.
Deleted Celestial Dance
Cosmos -Skills that automatically attack the surrounding cosmic of
Elysion -Use to fill cosmic of levels to maximum
Cross the Sticks -Dreading to a technology that depends on Elysion after deletion
Rusty Charge/Blazing Assault -Use as an invincible and mobile machine

■ Flé Imperial-Lion is a hunting specialization, and fox is a boss specialization
The most noteworthy part of the change point of Flé Imperial is the mod transformation. Mode conversion is determined by the type of summoned summons, and Lion is divided into hunting-specialized-fox is divided into boss-specific mode. In addition, the use of the skill is also convenient, and the extreme deal is expected to be strong.

#Pléezerzer change point


Orbital Flame -The projectile size expansion. Projected projectile launch when attacking 3 times
Dragon Slave> Change to Phoenix Drive \ -Remake with Orbital Flame Enhancement Skill. Change from key down skills to extreme dill skills
Spirit of Flame -The skill changes/strengthens according to the summoner. Lion is designed in a mode specialized in the boss warfare and fox.
Fox mode -The orbital flame is changed to one direction skill and further damage when hit.
Imperenno Rise -Lion mode maintains and stacks in Fox mode
Ignation> Orbital Explores Change -On off skill. Additional hitting monsters
Maelstrom -Dropting to Bind Skill
Flame Barrier -Addropnitly abnormal defense function

■ Wind Breaker-Changed to Fairy Turn 4th, Expanded to Howling Gale 3 stack
Wim is the core damage of the windbreaker, hunting/boss. This remaster will improve in the direction of creating synergies between various skills while maintaining the efficiency of this swim well. In addition, the growth experience is strengthened by improving the overall main skills of the 1st and 4th jobs.

# Windbreaker change point

Fair Return -4-4th skill to improve performance including the extension of the Y-axis range
Storm Bringer -4
Storm Wim -Buff Skill. For a certain period of time, the energy of the spirit is added, and the target is hit with various drools.
Howling Gale -The windy stack of the wind is expanded to 3. 3 When used in a stack state, two stack busts are generated at the same time.
Trifeling Wim -Coplastic Logic Change. Boss monster priority hit function
Pin Point Pierce -Boss Monster Priority Hitting Function
Second Wind -In changes to trigger buffs when attacking
Vortex Spear -In a location close to the character
Wind Wall -In the remaining element in quick slot

■ Night Walker-Improvement of Jump Cancel and Battle Convenience
Nightwalker is a job that constantly attacks and generates a number of citation. In this remaster, the concept was maintained, but the technique of jump cancellation was alleviated to increase convenience. In addition, the bat concept was strengthened and melted throughout the play.

#Night Walker Change points

Bat Communion -In addition of reinforcement bat launch function periodically
LENNANNINS Bat -On off skill, change the bat to all boss mode. Instead of bouncing, attack power increases
Dominion -The bat generation maximum expansion
Shadow Momentum -Deps the Jump Cancel Technique. Skill delay decreases every time you move/jump
Time difference attack ease -Shadow servant, Illusion, Spear’s attack delay relieves and increased attack speed
Shadow Stitch -It improvement with immediate bind skills
Shadow Servant Exchange -Add adding functions to be where I am where I am
Siphon Vitality -Increases survival by changing the shield level to HP proportional

■ Striker-Improvement and performance improvement and performance of link skills
The striker is a linked job. Until now, however, the importance of linking attacks has been relatively low, and this remaster will change to increase influence by taking advantage of the experience of linking. At the same time, it is expected to be able to play more smoothly by modifying the timing applied to the linked skill. In addition, the striker’s unique cool effect and skill concept will be maintained and strengthened.

# Striker change point

Improvement of the buff buff -Change to obtain when linking the acquisition condition. Add damage buff. When buffs are the maximum, add damage to major skills. Reduces the penalty that occurs when the brain warp is lost.
Haepa -automatically launches a projectile when linkage is made
Serial -In changes to the final damage increase buff in case of a linked attack hit
Brain god creation -An manual activation function. Can be linked to other skills
Gyodotan -Clan extension
Flurry/Typhoon \ -Tlee improvement and extension
Cheonji Dog Wall -Reeping the buff performance of the brain warfare. Change the skills that consume the brain war buff do not consume the buff. Strengthen skills if the brain war buff is maximum. Add major skill cooldown reduction function when linking.
window brain thrust -Buff freezer
Rebellion -In changes to on-off skills
Knuckle Booster -Passive shoes

■ Mihail-Enhancement of the concept of defensive jobs and improvement of play experience
Mikhail has a concept that is different from other characters. If other characters focus on attacks, Mikhail is a job that focuses on various defense skills and party support. This remaster is further enhanced, but it is expected to increase your firepower and make it easier to use your skills with the addition and improvement of various skills.

#Mikhail Change point

Install Shield -Stall Skill
Klausolas \ -1, change the shock wave of three levels of shock waves in the second stage. Delete additional rides that are temporarily triggered by cooldown
Ias -Added state abnormal defense. Add the final damage increase as the default option. Reduction of damage damage and increasing number of defenses
Soul Link -The party members’ features are deleted instead of damage damage. When the Royal Guard is successful, it is granted to allies within the soul link range. If you are on the same map, it is improved to increase damage.
Soul Attack -The first skill
Soul Lazy -ON state changes to 100 percent of darkness
Deleted Shining Cross Install
Dedley Charge -Duration increase in debuffs
Oppenviv Fence -Druff effect when attacking. Additional hits after hitting
Changed to Sacrid Cube> Soul Majesty \ -Then changes to the installation of the installation of the installation. Cold time change and additional other application
Soul Assault -2-2
Soul Lazy -Shinning cross to shining cross assault. Changed to all specifications

Reorganization of the Cygnus Knights Story and Support
Keep the skeleton of the existing story. Complementary settings dealt with only clues

The overall story flow of the Cygnus Knights will not change much from now. The goal of this story reorganization focuses on strengthening the goals of the characters and compensating for the settings that were provided only by clues. In addition, the story will increase the density of the story, such as highlighting the character of each character, including the director of the knight, and strengthening the bond between each other. In particular, the story of the knights will also be discussed with the story of the Knights.

In addition, it will complement the various elements to enhance the completeness of the Cygnus Knights’ own story, as well as to add and complement the clues that have been mentioned in the Grandis story naturally.

In addition, by supporting the Cygnus Knights’ character development, the growth support benefits of Icaine Symbol Exchange tickets, core gemstones, unique emblems, and cody items will be given. If you are a user who fosters the Cygnus Knights, you can get items such as pets or costumes.

Maple Extreme and Spring Spring Project [Spring Spring Project-6/30, Extreme-7/29]
Boss’s highest difficulty extreme. Apply for improvements such as field/Monpa, etc.

Various contents are added and improved under the name of Maple Story Extreme and Spring Spring Project. This patch adds a new difficulty ‘Extreme’ to the Black Wizard and the selected Seren. In addition, various improvements will be applied, including the maximum level of Monster Park and the improvement of field hunting experience.

Boss Extreme Mode -In the meantime, it has added the lower difficulty of the boss, but this time, the highest difficulty extreme mode is added to stimulate the desire for challenges. In addition, Normal Seren and Normal Hilla will reduce the patterns and lower HP, resulting in a decline in difficulty.

Monster Park Extreme -Monstore Park is extended to the top regions Moras, Espera, Cellas, and Moon Bridge. In addition, party contents for users of level 260 or more are added, and many experience will be paid as a quest that can be performed once a day.

Extreme field -The fun elements that have fun hunting are improved. The unexpected mission will be deleted and the runes will be improved to increase the value of hunting assistance. In addition, the contents of the bounty hunter are also reorganized, and each time it is opened four times, a reinforcement portal will be opened to get more experience than Stormwing. Fireworks wolves will also be divided into three stages, enhancing the fun of defeating and strengthening compensation.

Elite Boss Reorganization -The elite boss will be redesigned to a powerful monster level. Monster deletion and notifications will also be deleted, and difficulty in assault will be lowered. In addition, elite bosses are changed in the Grandis region.

275LV New area Audium [August 25 Update]
Add new Ascentic symbols

The new regional audience’s position limit is 275. In the audio, there is a story that connects with Karotte, and a new hunting ground is added as well as a new Ascentic symbol.

The overall story of Audium is the story of a lost enemy discovers clues to regain strength. Various figures and forces, including Tae-eul, will appear, and new conflicts and events between these characters will occur.

# spring spring project
In addition to the contents of the broadcast, additional improvements will be applied.

-Enteelvis/Grandis Daily Quest Add Experience Compensation
-Change chair items to exchanges in the world
-Dreaming Android mix/lens
-thrace lace hurdle relief -Drifting the weekly mission of the limit of admission to the level range monster hunting and deleting the entrance time.
-bos bind information display
-When registering auction, the current lowest price and 7-day average price
-If tutorial skip start at level 10 and provide equipment
-The character selection window automatic alignment application -Provider filter such as level, job, etc.
-pocket slot open hurdles ease
-guild’s blessing weather effect message notation
-Development of each type of experience coupon
-Confirmation of fixed-term equipment clearly

Summer Event Ignation Fireworks Festival [June 30 Update]
1+2! Hyper Burning is expected

The main event of this summer vacation, the Ignation Fireworks Festival, is based on the summer resort. The event progress is not much different from the large season events that have been in progress. You can get coins with daily/day/monthly, mini games, boss raids, etc. Coin Shop/Boss Coin Shop/Meso Shop is also operated as before. As a peculiarity, this season will be able to purchase Ascentic symbols for 150 coins.

The stamp system is also maintained, and this time you can get two extreme growth leap. A pass has also been released to double the winning rewards, which can be purchased at 39,800 Maple points.

In addition, a variety of mini games will be played, and a burning server will be operated to foster up to three mega burning characters.

The highlight of this event is the appearance of ‘hyper burning’. Hyper Burning is an expansion of Terabunning, which has given a 1+2-level bonus to the existing level 200. Hyper burning allows you to get a 1+2 level up bonus up to 250 levels.

Details, such as nurturing compensation, have not been disclosed, but as with the existing terrifying characters, the Burning-designated character cannot use the leap of growth, so this part needs attention.

There are also special Sundays with various benefits every two weeks. The detailed schedule of Special Sunday is as follows.

6/19 Extreme Level Up Time -The experience for a certain time 3 times
7/3 Petit Pet Time -Basic Rewards: Temporary Pet Pet
7/17 Miracle Time
7/31 Shining Star Force Time
8/14 Lady Blair’s Cody Time -Dalmore: 1 mannequin
8/28 Road Blay’s Hair Time -Dalmore: Custom Mix Dye Coupon

Maple Story Bread, various collaboration progress [June 17th]
Including 80 kinds of random seals, including Fairy Sukki, a black wizard

Various collaboration events have also been released. First of all, Maple Story Bread, which is sold at convenience store GS25, will be sold from 6/17. A total of five kinds of bread will be sold, and there is one random maple seal in the bread. If you buy bread as a launch event, you can get a stamp, and you can get a variety of rewards, including in-game items, depending on the stamp.

In addition, collaboration events with companies such as ‘Sulbing’ and ‘The Venty’ are also scheduled, and the national performance of the offline orchestra ‘Symphony of Maple Story’ has been confirmed.