Wanderlost puts the players in the place of those who are trying to survive in a world filled with zombies. This game may look cute, but it has its own difficulties that require the player to act quickly and quickly think to survive. Survive in this post-apocalyptic world, engaged in collecting, agriculture, fishing, craft and construction.

everything we know about Vanderlost

When the player is thrown into the desert, having nothing but clothes on his back, he should make his way through a hostile desert, teeming with zombies and wildlife. The player must find food, water and shelter, but he must also try to create life for himself.

Since the Wanderlost world is generated procedurally, it allows you to explore endlessly, each game is unique, and surprises await you around every angle.

when will Wanderlost come out?

Wanderlost does not have the set release date, but you can subscribe to the alpha version today on the website. We will update this leadership when the release date becomes known.

How to subscribe to the preliminary alpha version of Wanderlost

To join Pre-Alpha, you need to go to the website and fill out your e-mail, but there is still no information about who will be selected and when it begins.

What platforms will Wanderlost be on?

Wanderlost comes out for several different platforms, so everyone can play when he comes out. All platforms are shown below:

  • PC (steam)
  • Nintedo switch
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X | S

Lost trailer

The latest Wanderlost trailer was removed from the IGN Expo 2022. The trailer showed how much you can do in this world, but how difficult it is to actually survive.

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