2K and Marvel Entertainment announced that they will launch Marvel Midnight Suns, which was produced by the Pyractis Games Studio on October 7, 2022.

Marvel Midnight Suns is based on the gloomy background of the Marvel worldview with a new tactical RPG, and was produced at the Pilaxis Games Studio, known as Civilization and XCOM franchise.

The player, with the first original hero ‘Hunter’ of the Marvel worldview, became the Midnight Suns with the legendary heroes such as Dr. Strange, Iron Man, and Blade, and the demon relief with the Haida army and her army. It will be unfolded.

‘Hunter’ creates his own story as a superhero at the secret base, a secret base. Outside, you will have a sense of ties with each hero.


In addition, the new cinematic trailer, which was released today, shows the Heroes of Midnight Suns, including Spider-Man.

In the video, you can see the release of the release of Midnight Suns and the fallen Venom, Saber Tus, Scarlett location, and Hulk.

Bill Rose, vice president and creative director of Marvel Games, said, I am happy to invite the player to the dark and supernatural world of Marvel. I will invite fans to this world in October.

In addition, Jake Solomon, a creative director of Pyractis Games, said, Many fans have been looking forward to Marvel Midnight Suns, but they are honored to introduce numerous new heroes and villains to Marvel fans. We are looking forward to finding the pleasure of fighting like a superhero.

Marvel Midnight Suns will be released as a Standard Edition, Insust Edition, Digital+ Edition and Legendary Edition. You can see the Windows PC version in the Games Store.

For more information on the composition and details of each edition, please visit the official website.