In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, a classic equipment set is an unreasonable set of equipment of the highest level, which could be obtained before the update is 6.2. Classic equipment with the base level of object 580 and the possibility of raising up to 590, with its several slots for matter, is the best in a slot for several classes. Here’s how you can create your own classic equipment for sale or personal use.

Creating classic equipment

To create classic equipment, it is useful to remember the control list of things that you need.

  • A gunsmith, tanner or weaver of the 90th level with unlocked IX master recipes for appropriate classes.

In addition, if you plan to create and collect all the necessary materials yourself, you will also need the following. If you have a GIL or other ways to obtain the necessary components (bidding from generous friends from a free company), you can skip part of these steps.

* Buy/Collect ether sand
* Shakhtar and Botanik level 90 with unlocked volumes of regional folklore
* All craft work at 90 with unlocked master receptors of IX

artisans and master recipes of the 90th level IX

An increase in the level of artisans to 90 may seem a difficult task, but in fact there are some quick ways to get experience. Deliveries to the studio offer a huge amount of experience and should be completed by the corresponding classes as soon as possible. Levkvests are also an incredible source of experience. Every 12 hours, players receive three increase in level tasks, and they can fold up to 100, so if you did not use them, you will have a lot of useful things. Deliveries of Grand Company can also bring you a huge amount of experience. And, finally, the weekly awards of the test magazine contain the components of the experience that you can work on. Ideally, using these methods, you can pump any crafter up to 90 levels in a few hours.

When the class level reaches 90, you can purchase and use the Master Recipes IX book for it. They are available in any of the Certificates sellers or sellers of all luxury are located in large cities. They cost 1200 silver craft scripts . If you have exhausted your scenarios, you will have 2000, which means that you need to work a little to get all volumes. The collection of white artisans certificates is the case of passing valuable collection objects to one of the appraisers of collection objects. After you unlock the book and activate it, you will have access to classical equipment recipes for this class. And you can start creating classic equipment! If you have materials, t.

Classic materials for gear wheels

If you do not buy materials on the trading platform, the next step will be the collection of materials. For classic equipment, it will require objects that are purchased for Purple Crafters scripts, collected from rare regional folklore collection knots created according to the recipes of craft master and collected in the usual way. For example, Caliga of classic dimaheria are made as follows.

2 lunar adamantitis * (ordinary craft)
1 Aninodone leather (Master Leatherworker IX recipe with materials from the GEOLOGICAL FOLKLORE)
1 hondritic ingot (ordinary craft)
Helpen of dexterity 2 rank 6 * (Master Alchemist IX recipe with Purple Scrip materials)
1 Ether sand of the end of the tide (purple material)
3 Ice clusters
* 3 Clusters of the Earth

This means that to create this item you will need a minter of the 90th level with an unlocked volume of geological folklore, a tanner of the 90th level with IX master receptors, an alchemist of the 90th level with IX master recipes and a gunsmith of the 90th level. With Master Recipes IX, just to start craft. And enough purple scripts for materials.

unlocking regional folklore volumes.

There are three volumes of geological folklore and three volumes of botanical folklore, which are available among the merchant of splendor in RADZ-At-Khan, in X: 11.5, Y: 9.1. Each of them will open the places of mining (for geology) and botany (for botany) for the extraction of rare objects.

Regional volumes of folklore for the areas of Endwalker are purchased for 16 tokens of a regional merchant of folklore C. You can purchase a token of a regional merchant of folklore C from securities of securities or from merchants of all luxury. Each of them costs 100 silver craft scripts.

Buying and Pharma of Air Sand

Ethere sand can be purchased from sellers of certificates or from sellers of various Splendors items for purple or silver certificates depending on rarity. They can also be assembled using Aetherial Reduction, usually from rare fish or collection materials.

update to improved classic equipment

Having received classic armor, you can improve it to improved classical equipment, increasing the characteristics and level of the subject. To do this, you will need Hannish Import Grade 1 and Crucible Rain certificates.

import certificates Hannish 1 degree

Hannish Grade 1 imported certificates are available in Rashti, in RADZ-At-Khan, X: 10.8, Y: 9.8. They can be obtained by trading in classic armor. You will receive from three to five certificates for classical armor and from 11 to 17 per set of high-quality classical armor. In total, you will need 11 certificates for part of the arm, head or leg and 17 for part of the chest or leg. You will also need 7 for the Paladin shield.

Morno rain

Rashti also sells rain in the crucible for 100 Algan tombstones of aphorism. You will need from three to seven for each part of the armor that you improve.

Get your supplemented classic equipment

Finally, talk with Rashti and give her the armor that you are augmenting, certificates and rain, you will receive part of the Augmented Classical Gear. Enjoy the level of 590!

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