Mr. A, who runs a restaurant, had to find out various documents such as tax certificates, small business confirmation, and business registration certificate to receive mortgage loans. This is because administrative and public institutions can provide bank instead of various documents necessary for loans by using public My data services. Previously, individual administrative and public institutions had to visit and prepare for the required documents.

In the future, the public will visit the administrative and public institutions in person and can easily apply for various financial institution credit services with public My data services without being issued.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security announced on the 29th that it will expand public My data services to the entire credit service provided by financial institutions such as banks from the 1st of next month to cooperate with the Korea Credit Information Service.

Public My Data is a service that can require the public to provide the administrative information held by the administrative and public institutions as an information subject, where you want it.

Since last year, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security has been providing public My data services to the financial sectors, such as personal loans and credit card applications.

Public My Data has launched a pilot service since February 2021, and in December of the same year, the e-government law was revised. Compared to other fields such as finance, full-scale services have begun earlier, and since the start of the pilot service, more than 100 million public My data services have been used. In particular, more than 2,600 cases of credit cards are processed as public My data.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security explained that from June, the scope of public My data will be expanded to the entire financial credit service such as mortgage loans, charter loans, auto loans, loans, and installment financing. In order to expand public My data services to financial institutions, administrative information will also be expanded from 5 to 29 types.

Through this, the processing process and submission process of the loan applicant will be simplified, and the screening of the credit service will be further processed.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security will hold a public My data briefing session for 74 financial institutions on the 30th so that each financial institution can introduce and utilize public My data services more diverse. At this meeting, the company plans to share the opinions on the site and listen to the site.

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Lee Se-young, Director of Public Intelligence Policy Division, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, said, “This time, the public My data service has been expanded to credit transactions such as mortgage loans that the people use a lot in real life, and the convenience of the people is enhanced.” We will apply it to more diverse fields to help people feel the new government’s digital platform government implementation. ”