Leather is used in V Rising to create better items, and significantly stronger armor, among other uses. The Leather crafting process is simple, but first, you’ll need to eliminate a boss and then build a Tannery to produce the resource.

Where to find the Leather recipe in V Rising?
You must already have the Altar of Blood built in your castle to get the recipe. Use it to track Keely the Frost Archer or find the big boss on the V Rising Interactive Map.
After defeating the level 20 boss, you will have access to two things needed to craft Leather. The first is the Tannery, the structure that will produce the item. The second is the Leather recipe itself.

How to make Leather in V Rising?
Now that you already have how to make the Tannery and the recipe, it’s time to make Leather. If you haven’t created it yet, know that the Tannery needs 8 Planks and 160 Animal Skins to build.
The Animal Skin farm has to continue to create Leather, and this item is also needed. Every 16 Animal Skins make 1 Leather.
You can place the Tanneries in a delimited room in the castle to increase the creation speed of the Leather. If you have an entire floor with just tailoring buildings, the cost of Animal Skins will be reduced.