The creator of Touhou Luna Night and Deedlit In Wonder Labyrinth joins again with the publisher Playism for Drainus, a shoot’em up space -based on an original mechanics: the “reflector”. The game is available today, on Steam.

The drainus is first of all a vessel, a flagship of the Imperial fleet of Kharlal, capable of absorbing enemy shots to return to its advantage. He is piloted by Irina, a young slave on the planet Halpax, ready to do anything to save his father from an incurable disease. But, while she is desperately looking for a remedy, Irina receives the impromptu visit from Gehnie, a humanoid frog from the future to prevent a war which, in 30 years, will annihilate all of humanity if no one dares to rebel against the oppressive policy of the Empire. Everyone understood: she is the latter rampart before the apocalypse.

It is from this disheveled canvas that Drainus builds the progression of his Shooter, made of waves of mobs and boss mechas high of several floors. The real originality of the title is its reflector, a power that will allow our vessel to drain enemy fire to transform them into tactical advantages. Stored in tanks, this energy can be converted into various esms, ranging from the simple shield to the massive counterattack or the addition of new weapons.

And the good news is that there is not even to wait: the game is already available, on Steam, for a dozen euros.


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Drainus – launch trailer